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Tarot Predictions 2017


What is Tarot Card Reading?

Tarot Card Reading is a unique form of divination that looks into your past, gives you an insight of what is going on in the present and answers questions about your future.

How is a Tarot Card Reading done?

There are many different Tarot Decks and as many Tarot Spreads. Each Tarot Reader has their own individual Tarot Card Reading style, which they have perfected and are comfortable with.

To conduct a Reading, the Tarot Card Reader uses a Tarot Deck of 78 cards to form a ‘Spread’. A ‘Spread’ is formed when the Cards are placed in a certain order and thus answer the question.

In this way, based on the questions asked and the Cards picked, a Tarot Reading gives the client guidance and insight into their life.

About Me

The curiosity to know about this from of forecasting drove me to go in for a Tarot Reading. And I was so fascinated by the way Tarot works, that from being the one seeking answers, I was soon a student learning to interpret the cards, under the expert guidance of my Tarot Reader who turned into my teacher.

I have been practicing Tarot Reading professionally for 12 years now and you could consult me in Bengaluru, Mumbai, Chennai and Online.

This is a general Tarot Reading for each Starsign for the year 2017.

Please do not copy or reproduce this post without prior permission by me OR ask me for answers to personal queries. If you would like a personalized Tarot Reading, write to me at mayuri.nidigallu@gmail.com for more details.

Here is what 2017 holds for;

















  1. Thanks a lot Mayuri for these forecasts. Much needed at this time of the year. So glad I met you and developed (a real one!) virtual relationship with you. 🙂

  2. Such a a wonderfully detailed predictions.Will try to keep in mind everything you said. It’s good to have some idea

  3. This is so impressive Mayuri- love the format and wish you all the love and luck for this gorgeous venture!!

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