From Worry to a Wish #MayTivation

Worry is a feeling of anxiousness that takes over when you think of the problems in your life, either the current ones, the ones from the past, or the probable ones.

We all worry. Our degrees of worry may vary, but we all do. Will my alarm ring on time tomorrow morning? Will the maid bunk again? How will I pay my child’s school fees? Will I be getting the pink slip when my firm downsizes? When will Salman Khan get married? So on and so forth.

In my very limited experience of life, I have never seen anything good come out of worrying. I have seen various harmful effects of it though, usually from sleepless nights and a loss of appetite to physical health taking a dip. Frown lines and a harsh look mask your face, making you look unapproachable. Worry also makes a person cranky, and not a pleasure to be around. So as I said before, no good thing has ever come out of worrying.

So what can you do to stop worrying? What is it that you could replace it with? How about if you try and tweak your thoughts a wee bit and start wishing for something instead of worrying about it? Wishing for what, you want to know? Wishing for what you would like to happen instead of worrying about if it will happen or not.

Each time you find yourself stepping into the well-worn rut of worry, make a smart mental 360-degree turn, and start wishing instead. So instead of ‘Will my child pass this term with good marks’ say ‘I wish for my child will do better this term’. Replace your worries about the future with wishes that all that may come your way should be beneficial to you.

Will a wish instead of worrying solve all your problems? Not necessarily. But then, have you managed to solve them all with worry so far?

Wishing instead of worrying makes you a positive person. Hoping for something to happen makes you look forward to it, instead of worrying and dreading the wait. Remember, to make positive things happen you need to attract them toward you. Become a wish magnet and do so. It may not be easy, but it is not impossible either.


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