Why you should not ask me for a free Tarot Reading

Last week someone offered to write me a poem, on me. In return for a Tarot Reading, by me. For free.

Was I flattered? You bet I was!
Would the poem pay my bills? I bet it won’t!

I get this often.

Someone offers to cook me a meal in return for a Reading, while someone else offers to treat me to a film. Someone else offered to ‘write a flattering review that would get me clients’ in exchange for a free Reading.

Since when did this barter system return to India, I want to know. Also, I don’t remember offering a barter as a means of payment, ever.

The reasons cited for this barter are varied.

‘I don’t believe in Tarot’, *why are we talking about it then, I mentally retort?*.

‘I want to do it for time pass / fun’, *sorry, but you lost me at the word, ‘time pass’ *.

‘I don’t want to know what the future holds, that is why I’ll have a Reading just to see how Tarot works’, *how nice of you! Now pass me your scarf so I could hang myself! *.

and my personal favourite

‘I don’t believe in Tarot, but I’ll allow you to convince me through a Reading’ , *slow claps*

Funnily enough all the above, and more, proclaimed without me asking.


I am a Professional Tarot Card Reader.

Which means I paid money to another Professional Tarot Card Reader to learn it, and learn it right. I wasn’t lucky enough to wake up one fine day to realize I had the ‘gift of divination’ nor did I just surf Online to pick up points, or attend a weekend course, to learn it.

There are people who do that? Of course there are, and more power to them!

Me, my conscience just wouldn’t allow me to help people solve their major issues with my half -baked knowledge. Which is why after learning the Tarot, I practised and practised some more before I thought I could go professional.

So that is me, penciling in an appointment to fit you into my day, chalking out a chunk of my time and coming to my office or online, to help you make your day better. Just like any other professional. What makes anyone think that I am supposed to do this for free? Or for a meaningless barter?

Tarot is my profession and it is serious business. As even though you may not openly tell me what really is on your mind, the cards you pick reveal it all.
A Tarot Reading gives me an insight into your life, even the details you don’t share. A Reading is like an X-Ray, the patient may not understand what it means but the Doctor surely will. Which is why I always say, never lie to your Doctor or Tarot Card Reader.

Don’t get spooked, that is the truth. Which is why I do it professionally. Which is why I expect to get paid for it.

Which is why you should try something else to pass your time, and remain a non-believer if you are one.


I have been a Professional Tarot Card Reader since 2004. Since I am already aware of what the future holds, I enjoy unwrapping the present.


  • Judy Morris

    I understand how you must be feeling. It is many times the same when one talks about blogging. People do not understand these professions are also serious ones.

  • Roma

    I agree with you. It’s your job and it needs to be paid for like any other. I in fact feel bad about the mentality of such people but trust me you find them everywhere.

  • Smitha N

    I agree that tarot reading is a serious profession and people shouldn’t accept freebies or discounts. If you believe in it be ready to pay the price else don’t waste others time.

  • Jhilmil

    I could get your feelings Mayuri, people need to have respect for every work and nothing can be taken just for fun. Also, I agree that half baked knowledge can be more harmful and your approach towards providing people the right info through your tarot reading is amazing.

  • Gunjan

    Like what you said. People often like to barter or even ask for free services as they don’t see it like any efforts being taken. Do they ask a lawyer or doctor to work on their case for free.. I like the x ray example.. ❤❤

  • Varsh

    I’ve seen you in action and know how thorough you are in your readings. It obviously needs lot of hard work and focus. I hope people out there are listening and won’t offer barters anymore.

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