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Tarot Forecast 2017: Gemini


Gemini are those born between; May 22nd to June 21st

Symbol: The Twins

Ruling Planet: Mercury

Element: Air

Gemini Traits that work for you:

You are lively, energetic, versatile and popular. Your mind is insatiable—it’s so quick on the uptake that you can’t understand why everyone else is just now grasping what you got in a split second.

Gemini Traits that work against you:

You thrive on gossip and news—you need information constantly, more than even food but this may make you seem superficial or inconsistent. Your indecisiveness can make you come across as unreliable.

What will 2017 bring for you?

This year is going to be full of contradictory surprises, in keeping up with how you always are, Gemini. You’ll be jumping around all over the place one moment and get all quiet and reflective the very next. One day you’ll want to be surrounded by people and suddenly want to be left alone with just yourself for company for the next few days to follow.

Though the knowing-yourself phase will do you good, and reflection, contemplation and self-acceptance will enlighten and benefit you, take care not to get too detached from the world around you.

A risk must be taken and a choice made – this is the time for a new start, the beginning of something significant.  But no hasty, or emotional, decisions, please! The cards also indicate the probability of a lot of travel this year. Short/long/sudden journeys, hikes, travel over water are all indicated. So keep those bags packed, or learn to pack quick.

Whether you meet someone new or are already in a relationship, this year is going to be a roller-coaster ride where matters of the heart are concerned, dear Gemini! Don’t plan ahead, or try to fathom things or emotions you don’t understand at that moment and you’ll do great. Just go with the flow, enjoy the highs and be patient with the lows. Love, this year, will enlighten you about yourself and what and who you really need in your life. By the time your next birthday comes up you will know who you need to stay with and who needs to go.

Your Oracle Card for 2017

Goddess Eireen: Peace

Message: There is no need to worry as everything is working out beautifully.

Meaning of the Card:   Even though appearances may seem chaotic be assured that a higher plan is in action. This all-loving power is carrying and supporting you completely. Relax and breathe away all cares, concerns and worries. Put your focus into and appreciating each blessing. Your gratitude helps you attract even more blessings into your life.

Message for 2017

At work you will be extremely focused and goal-oriented. Sudden travel could disturb your schedule and related expenses could disturb your budget. Your health will have its ups and downs.

Lucky Colors for 2017:

Green, Yellow and Orange

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