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TarotScope : Your Tarot Forecast for February by Mayuri




Work: Use your intellect — it can take you far! It will help you out think the competition, come up with a sweet plan or just spot the hidden gems within the ideas being tossed around. Love: You understand your partner better and better — something really seems to click between you, and your minds are much more in sync than usual. Health/Style: Sometimes you need to hit the gym less and hit the sheets more. If you’re not getting enough sleep, you occasionally need a night or two to make up the deficit.


Work: You’ll reach into your deepest mental levels and pull one winner after another, impressing colleagues and seniors in the process. Love: Pay attention to the signals your partner is giving you. They may be telling you something with their body language that they are too shy to say out loud. Health/Style: You want to still look like you, but at the same time, you don’t want it to seem that you’re in a rut. Try a subtle change: get a familiar silhouette in a blazing, unexpected color, or a daring cut in a subdued shade.


Work: Your thoughts at work will be vibrant and potent, so see if you can find a good way to organize them. Love: You’ll feel inspired to explore new ideas. You can share your plan with your partner right away, or wait until you’ve thought about it for a bit more. Health/Style: Try to be more healthful and conscious about your eating. It can be all too easy to fall into the habit of eating when you’re bored, tired or otherwise feeling overwhelmed. Track your daily intake and notice your triggers.


Work: It is time to ask for help with new ideas. You are not fond of that kind of thing, but you need it at this point to get ahead. Love: You may be over thinking a situation with your loved one. If you have concerns about their behavior, asking them directly will be better than letting your imagination go wild. Health/Style: Planning ahead does help, from haircuts you want to seasonal wardrobe items you need to buy. Every now and then, however, you need to throw caution to the wind and follow a style impulse


Work: This definitely wouldn’t be the best time to make that major pitch to the boss. Come up with a creative excuse, rework the idea, and then impress him/her. Love: Your partner may come to you for advice. Before you offer any suggestions, listen to everything they have to say. Health/Style: You want to get more exercise, but you also want more time to be with your friends. Organize a post-work game, or a regular walking or running date with pals. You’ll get fit and bond simultaneously.


Work: Allow extra time to get things done. Unexpected obstacles may get in your way, but keep your cool and you’ll get through it. Love: Your social scene might feel a bit stagnant, but someone new appears to change your mind in a big way. Health/Style: Change that happens in small increments usually lasts much longer and feels better than a drastic metamorphosis. It might not be was dramatic, but stick with whatever gym or skin routine you have going on right now.


Work: You need to act — things are happening too quickly for you to wait them out. It’s a good time to let your self push things forward. Love: The comfort level with share with your partner finds you dreaming about making big changes in your life. If you’re ready to make those dreams a reality, start brainstorming with your partner. Health/Style: Some days are great to combine exercise and socializing, but right now you’re better off going it solo. Take a dance or an exercise class and really focus on what your body is doing without the distraction of socializing.


Work: Make good use of your analytical capabilities now, while your logic is as sound as it can get. Love: Your partner has been paying attention to the hints you’ve been giving, and now it’s time to see your hopes and wishes fulfilled. Be sure to show a lot of appreciation for the efforts they make. Health/Style: Don’t be so quick to count yourself out when it comes to a hard to pull off style. You can have super-short hair or wear bold colors; you just need to find the style that suits you first.


Work: That’s not arrogance you’re feeling — its unshakable confidence. Just try not to be too smug in the presence of colleagues. Love: If you let your loved one know why you feel the way you do, they’ll be willing to compromise and do things your way. Health/Style: If your self image needs a boost, take a yoga class or five. Instead of going for the burn, you’ll learn to appreciate all the physical gifts you already have. Remember that every healthy body is a beautiful body.


Work: The current emphasis on work may continue for a while longer, yet you are already looking forward to establishing new goals for yourself that extend beyond your job. Love: You’re far more powerful than a magnet because you won’t repel anyone, no matter which direction you turn toward. Keep that in mind before you ‘casually’ begin flirting. Health/Style: Some times you just like to stir up things for no good reason other than to see what happens, but when it comes to style, stick with the tried-and-true right now.


Work: You can dream about change all you want and this is a good time to make it happen. Go ahead and do it! Love: Be clear about your needs. Your partner wants to please you, but they can’t read your mind, so you’ll have to give them a little help. Health/Style: Think about more ways that you can save money and improve your health simultaneously. Bringing your lunch to work is one — you’ll see definite improvements in your waistline and your wallet after a month or two.


Work: There is almost certainly a leadership gap at work and you need to step up to address it, if not to fill it. Love: That magic you’re oozing out of every pore has no bounds, so be careful not to aim it where you won’t want it to cast a permanent spell. Health/Style: It’s hard to be well-dressed when your closet and drawers are crammed with things you might wear, feel like you should keep or could wear. The question is, do you actually wear any of them? If not, out they go!


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  1. Love the way you have kept this brief and concise Mayuri – I loved mine and a few more I checked out of friends! 🙂

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