Stash away that Self-doubt #MayTivation

Life is a glorious adventure. As we live through this adventure we experience varied phases which influence our emotions and reactions, shaping us through the process.

Ascents and descents are part of this adventure called life and experience teaches us that we must learn to ride both with the same ease when faced with either.

However, there are times we find ourselves plagued by self-doubt. It may happen without a warning or it could be something that you knew was coming and were dreading.

Self-doubt is nothing but a feeling of having no confidence in your abilities and decisions.

When self-doubt takes over, you second-guess yourself and everything you do. The will to do something you love is present, but the confidence to make it happen is absent.

Confidence is a muscle you need to build and then keep strengthening” username. If you fail to do that self-doubt creeps in stealthily.

What builds confidence? Putting yourself out there and continuously testing yourself. For yourself. How will you know what you’re good at and what you’re not good at until you keep trying to find out?

Identify your plusses and your strengths. Learn to work with what you think maybe working against you and see how good that makes you feel about yourself. Nothing is a weakness till you let it become one.

Surround yourself with people who are true and who wish you well. People who will tell you what you need to hear and not what you want to. People who will give you a hand to pick you up and prod you in the right direction, gently nudging you towards a path that is better for you when you feel lost.

Good people help you find your confidence. Start working on building it up when you do. Make it a slow and steady process and enjoy every step of the way.

Before you know it you’ll find that self-doubt stashed away.


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