This one word evokes so many reactions.

Curiosity. Puzzlement. Awe. Fear. A smirk too.


‘How does Tarot work?’

‘Does it really even work?’

‘Do you have some special powers?’

‘Does practicing Tarot make you a witch?’

‘Do you eat non-vegetarian food?’

‘Can you guess what I am thinking right now?’

When I started off as a Tarot Card Reader in the year 2004 the number of people who knew about Tarot or had even heard of the name, could be counted on my fingers. Of one hand.

Being a professional Tarot Card Reader for 16 years now, and practicing Tarot in 3 different cities, I’ve seen the awareness about Tarot grow. The curiosity about the Tarot, the mystery surrounding it, and the questions people ask however have remained the same over the years. I have often wondered;

How do I respond to questions I have answered many times over?

How do I throw light on a subject often mistaken for an Occult Science?

How do I reach out to multiple people all together at once?

Card Talk A2Z_Sirimiri_BlogchatterA2Z

Through my theme for the #BlogchatterA2Z Challenge.

Read along as I Demystify Tarot and everything related, all through the month of April with 26 posts shedding light on this mystical subject.

There will be information

There will be revelations.

Will there also be predictions? Of course! After all, what is a series on Tarot Card Reading without predictions, right?

Join me, with my first post going live on this site starting the 1st of April.

You are the light. Shine on!

P:S: A special mention and a note of thanks to Rashi and to Leha for suggesting that I write on Tarot 

Mayuri Nidigallu

I have been a Professional Tarot Card Reader since 2004. Since I am already aware of what the future holds, I enjoy unwrapping the present.


  1. Wow loved the theme dear. I am highly interested in learning more about tarot and I am sure your posts will give us a great insight. looking forward to read and learn. all the best .

  2. I’m still learning to read the Tarot well so yay – looking forward to your posts. Also yes please can I please be a witch?

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