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India post COVID-19 #TarotScope

DISCLAIMER: THE VIEWS EXPRESSED HERE ARE MY OWN. THE CONTENTS OF THIS TAROT CARD READING DO NOT REPLACE PROFESSIONAL/LEGAL/BUSINESS/MEDICAL ADVICE. Ever since the Corona/ Pandemic became a familiar word on everyone’s lips, I have had innumerable requests asking me to read the Tarot Cards to see what the future holds for India, post the Pandemic. This afternoon, the 31st of …

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Black Magic : All That You Should Know

In my 14-year-old career as a Tarot Card Reader I have come across, and still do, consult clients who claim that ‘Black Magic has been done to them’. Sometimes no amount of reassurances and logic helps to convince them that Black Magic does not exist. They are fearful, and are ready to go to any lengths to ‘get rid of …

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TarotScope: Your Tarot Forecast for February

According to the Tarot , this is what the month of February holds for those born under the sign of; Aries March 21 – April 19 Card of the month: Queen of Swords What it signifies: This month will see you playing the role of an advocate, to people or causes close to your heart.  Your experience will be your …

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TarotScope: Your Tarot Forecast for November

Aries This month is a time to tie loose ends peacefully and be ready for new beginnings. A period of culmination and a cycle coming to an end means a realization of several desires close to your heart. Far and wide travel nationally as well as internationally will be lucrative. Professional: You will be given authority to use your talents …

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TarotScope: Your Tarot Forecast for October

According to the Tarot, this is what October holds for; Aries A smooth sailing month, both at work and personally as the wheel of fortune turns in your favor and touches all you desire into success. An excellent month particularly for the Arian women and teenagers. Professional: You will be eager to showcase your talents .You build a team that …

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#TarotScope: Your Tarot Forecast for August

Aries This month will bring with it the ability to see problems objectively and find new and better solutions. Time to make decisions which you’ve been procrastinating about for too long now. Expect a much deserved promotion/salary increment as hard work is now rewarded. You will be thinking about making some much-needed changes in your attitude towards your relationship. Just …

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#TarotScope: Your Tarot Forecast for June

What are Oracle Cards? Oracle Cards are ancient, time tested foretelling tools. These unique, self-help cards work on the law of Magnetic Attraction, i.e. the cards are attracted to a person’s present feelings and beliefs. Because your feelings and beliefs create your future, Oracle Cards provide insight into the directions of relationship, career, finance, health and other important areas of …

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