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Tarot Forecast 2017: Aquarius


Aquarius are those born between; January 21st to February 20th

Symbol: The Water Bearer

Ruling Planet: Uranus

Element: Air

Aquarian Traits that work for you:

You are well known for your ability to make a lot of friends and your supreme intelligence ensures that your interests are wide-ranging.

Aquarian Traits that work against you:

There is no middle path as far as you’re concerned, it is all or nothing! You also tend to get too distant for no particular reason.

The Water Bearers cup of joy runneth over this year, spilling over with happiness, pleasure, contentment, harmony and bliss! You, and the people around you, will be collaborative and cooperative and willing to compromise in order to reach a mutually satisfactory outcome.

Make hay while the sun shines. This is a period of material and spiritually prosperity-make the most of it. Fruitfulness and bounty can be yours, but take care to keep stock for less fortunate times.

You will have a wise head on your shoulders and know much about the world and yourself. And if that’s not enough you will be a great communicator, really interested in knowing others concepts and ideas. If you only just learn to be an attentive listener, you might find yourself right up there, with people hailing you as their new leader!

Do not let family troubles and worries weigh you down, caution the cards, as things are not as bad as they might seem to you. Over thinking and over analyzing, as you’re wont to do often, could lead to depression and pain, pulling you into a downward spiral and things may get worse before they improve so take care to keep perspective.

This year will be exceptionally fruitful and auspicious for the Aquarian women. The proclamation of a pregnancy or the birth of a child will suffuse happiness and bring good fortune to the family.

The independent streak in you will call for a relationship which will give you your freedom, if single. You need to spend time with someone who shares your world view and this year might see you doing just that! In a committed relationship, it is time to pay attention to your partners words and needs, even as you go about doing so for friends and other loved ones.

Your Oracle Card for 2017:

Goddess Abundantia: Prosperity

Message: The universe is pouring its abundance onto you. Be open to receiving.

Meaning of the card:  You have nothing to worry about. Visualize and affirm abundance. Abundance comes to you in many ways, including extra time, support and ideas. A new windfall of money is on its way to you. Your new venture will be financially successful.

Your Message for 2017

At work, listen to the others point of view and guard against digging in your heels with colleagues. You will plan travel schedules, professional and personal, meticulously. Health remains stable.

Lucky Colors

 Jade green, Royal purple, Burgundy, Ink Blue, Mint Green, Aquamarine and Black.



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