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Tarot Forecast 2017: Leo



Leo are those born between; July 23rd to August 21st

Symbol: The Lion

Ruling Planet: The Sun

Element: Fire

Leonine traits that work for you:

You are social and outgoing. An extrovert and very generous and warm-hearted too. You’re very organised and like to help others.

Leonine traits that work against you:

With your straight forward nature you might come across as bossy and your confidence could make you seem like you are too full of yourself.

What will 2017 bring for you?

New beginnings and communications will keep The Lions on their toes. Messages and information in all forms of communications fly back and forth as ideas are swapped and possibilities and opportunities are offered and discussed. This is the time for action. Hard work and good work is now rewarded and it’s time to reap what you have sown. Expect some good news that is making its way to you.  Start packing, as travel, either for work or pleasure, is indicated by the cards.

The cards caution you against using trickery, manipulation and unfair tactics to get your way or to get your work done because remember, an unfair victory is as hollow as defeat. Refrain against taking hasty decisions too, as they may be regretted later. The probability of your very own new vehicle seems immensely possible! Put on those rose-tinted glasses as that is how you will view the world with love being the flavor of the year for you. A year soaked with romance, poetry and literally walking in the clouds. Meeting lots of exciting new people and clicking with someone special as the cards indicate a new love coming your way if single. Love will not only make you feel good but heighten your emotional awareness towards yourself and others. Take care not to take naïve decisions and neglect other areas of life.

Your Oracle Card for 2017

Goddess Sige: Quiet time

Message: Take some quiet time alone to rest, meditate and contemplate.

Meaning of the card: This is the time to quiet your mind, breathe deeply and let go of words, worry and plans. Go into that space of silence deep within you, that vortex of peace where the world doesn’t enter. Now is the time to retreat in silence and spend time alone as this silence will help you rejuvenate and re-center yourself.  Don’t try to make any decisions now. Just allow your mind to be at rest. You’ll know soon enough when its time to take action.

Your Message for 2017:

Much awaited positive news on the work front makes you happy. Snags in your travel schedule will give you a breather to rest and recuperate from health ailments, if any.

 Lucky Colors 

Golden, Orange, Yellow, Cream and Red




  1. ‘A year soaked with romance, poetry and literally walking in the clouds.’ Love it and looking forward to it. Looks like a good year overall. As its 21st august for me..I am a cusp..right? So, I should read virgo forecast too?

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