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Tarot Forecast for 2017: Taurus


 Taurus are those born between; April 21st to May 21st

Symbol: The Bull

Ruling planet: Venus

Element: Earth

 Taurean traits that work for you:

You’re warm-hearted, patient, reliable and very generous. You make great friends and give good advice.

 Taurean traits that work against you:

You take time to open up, due to which you could come across as boring. You are also prone to ferocious temper-tantrums and holding grudges forever.

What will 2017 bring for you? 

Good tidings on the finance and family front for The Bulls this year. Material gain, prosperity, growth, promotion, a new job or a boost to business and financial good fortune, on the professional front.

A good time to invest money as the money invested now will pay rich dividends as it grows, and in the future. Celebrations, complete harmony and familial delight on the personal front. The announcement of a pregnancy or the arrival of a new baby will bring joy and good luck.

The cards caution you against adapting the attitude of idyllic ignorance and immature innocence, as this attitude could allow people to take unfair advantage of you. Do not trust blindly either, and scratch under the surface when in doubt.

Patience and communications are the keywords that will help resolve all love related issues this year. Try to see the other person’s point of view and don’t jump to hasty conclusions. Poor decision/lack of decision may lead to misery. Someone who is secretly in love with you may declare they love for you. Heartbreak around the corner for shaky relationships…but don’t worry as things that don’t move forward should be left behind. Think before accepting/starting a new relationship as one of you may be traveling / shifting away for higher studies.

Things weighing on your mind could cause undue anxiety. Share your thoughts or worries with someone you trust, and you will realize that the situation is not as bleak as it seems.

 Your Oracle Card for 2017

 Archangel Ariel:  Prosperity

Message: Your material needs are provided for as you follow your intuition and manifest your dreams into reality.

Meaning of the card:  The Angels are pouring a cornucopia of prosperity upon you and your life, and ask that you open your arms to receive. Some of the treasures come in the form of brilliant ideas, and some will come as opportunities. The Angels will work towards making you realize your highest dreams and ask that you give any worries to them.

Message for 2017

Learning to say No would help, as otherwise people might take undue advantage of your niceness piling on more responsibilities than you can handle. Neglecting yourself could cause health issues.

Lucky Colours 

Sky Blue, Candy Pink, Green, Rich Brown, Matt Gold and Beige.

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