TarotScope: Your Tarot Forecast for October

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According to the Tarot, this is what October holds for;

A smooth sailing month, both at work and personally as the wheel of fortune turns in your favor and touches all you desire into success. An excellent month particularly for the Arian women and teenagers. Professional: You will be eager to showcase your talents .You build a team that helps put your perspective into picture. Romance: If single, you will enjoy mingling. Temper and ego could cause misunderstandings for those in committed relationships.

This month sees you in an extremely focused frame of mind. Your progress may be slow but you understand and take full advantage of new beginnings on the professional front. A message about money, good luck or an unexpected turn in health comes your way. An exceptionally good month for students. Professional: Entrepreneur or employed, you widen your horizons by giving risks a chance. Romance: A wonderful new relationship for singles. Marriage bells ring for those in committed relationships.

This month will see you feeling far more grounded than before, resulting in happier and result oriented times. In your personal life you may be at crossroads and will need to make some vital decisions, and taking the advice and suggestion of elders will help you choose your path. A fertile period for women. Professional: Follow your instincts as you take decisions to move towards your goals. Romance: If single a great time to find your soul mate. Those in love plan a romantic wedding.

A month where much-needed changes are inevitable. You will be mulling over planning an exciting trip, and likely a long one to an exotic place. The decision to start a new relationship will also be in your thoughts with you deciding to propose, or just motivating yourself, to approach a special someone. Professional: Many are likely to feel stagnant at work and thus gun for new beginnings in their fields. Romance: If single, you are on the lookout for the perfect mate. Try not mistaking love for friendship and vice-versa.

A month full of hectic activity on all fronts. Travel and frantic communication will keep you busy professionally. Messages from people far away and a possible renovation at home will keep you tied up on the home front. You could also be the proud owner of a new vehicle. Professional: Seeking advice from others will have limited success and it would be wise to follow your gut instincts when it comes to important decisions. Romance: Your love life will be your solace, but guard against unnecessarily digging in your heels in emotional matters.

This month will bring with it a message relating to a problem solved or a message that will give you ideas or a solution. You will know what to do and will not hesitate before taking any steps towards it. Money owed to you will come through. A good time for investing money. Don’t neglect minor stress related health issues. Professional: Hope and bright prospects on the work front. Romance: Singles might consider a new relationship, even though wary of commitment. Married people feel content because of strong emotional ties.

This month will see circumstances changing and followed by times of plenty and abundance. You will find yourself amidst much activity and you can also look forward to a time of much joy and bonding with family and friends. You might feel the need to weigh the pros and cons and choose wisely as you move ahead. Professional: A strong need to try something inventive at work. Romance: The singles will make for charming company and find themselves in much demand among social outings.

A time of contemplation and introspection where you will be thinking about taking essential decisions regarding vitals areas of life, namely money and relationships. Professional: The perfect blend of practicality and sensitivity will answer many questions and solutions will emerge at the most unexpected of times. Romance: Relationships are in a state of flux and change with new boundaries being set. Create time to be together with your partner more often.

An upswing note in your personal and professional life. Situations and events move in your favor and decisions taken sometime back can be put into practice easily now. There might be moments of indecisiveness but the recollection of the past experiences of trials and errors will help you make the right decision. You could be planning a holiday to a destination you have been dreaming about. Professional: At work, plan well as you might be working against deadlines and much pressure. Romance: Love life is charming. A trip out of town could bring in a new relationship.

Your faith has remained unshaken through difficult circumstances, and this month is a turning point which will take life into a direction of great importance. Professional: At work, although you are sure of results coming in, procedure in venture is vital. Plan your next move meticulously protecting your interest yet widening your horizons as you will be taking a few big risks. Romance: Entering a period of realization of goals and emotional maturity will lead to the right relationship in case you are single.

A month that sees you moving towards better times, health wealth and work wise. There is warm and open communication with people who matter. You can look forward to a time of much joy and bonding with family. Friends will make it a point to be around when you need them. Professional: A journey or chance meeting could result in an important project. Romance: Positive changes are revealed on the personal front and this could indicate marriage or commitment.

Eloquence and charm will see you sailing smoothly through this month as you enter a positive phase of fame, recognition and creative satisfaction. You feel grounded and secure as you experience a period of good health, emotional and financial stability and new beginnings in your life. Professional: You are more compassionate and patient while dealing with others and hence get good results. Romance: A time of pleasant communication and invitations that will make you feel loved and wanted.


  1. How apt Mayuri, I salute to your reading. Leo reads out exactly my mind and renovation at home!!! How did you know that

  2. I love Your tarotscopes dear Mayuri

  3. Your TarotScope is the best!

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