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#TarotScope: Your Tarot Forecast for August



This month will bring with it the ability to see problems objectively and find new and better solutions. Time to make decisions which you’ve been procrastinating about for too long now. Expect a much deserved promotion/salary increment as hard work is now rewarded. You will be thinking about making some much-needed changes in your attitude towards your relationship. Just don’t be too stubborn accepting given advice, or implementing it.


This month will lay the foundation for many future achievements in all areas of your life. You’ll be crossing out a lot of things on your wish list as you’ll now own them, as this is the month for successful fulfillment of your wishes. Turn of health for the better and a positive change in luck too, with the probability of a new vehicle as well. Parties, entertainment and meeting new people will keep you busy. Meeting someone new, if single.


Love will be the flavor of the month. The start of a new relationship, if single and willing to mingle or an unexpected proposal of marriage coming your way through someone you know. If in a fledgling relationship, expect to take it to the next level of commitment. Times turning for the better for those in established relationships, with a sense of balance, unity, happy compromise and deep mutual understanding. The possibility of a fun, sudden trip on the cards. Colleagues and friends will be very helpful.


Personal and professional relationships will dominate your thoughts. As will financial decisions about planning for the present and future. You’ll be eager to getaway for a short break but professional and personal responsibilities won’t allow it to happen immediately or as planned. The responsibilities will be very pleasant, though. In the form of a promotion that could bring added accountability at work making it difficult for you to get ‘me’ time. A satisfying change in relationships around you.


A time for complete and dramatic change in all areas of life. It’s time to take control of your own destiny and life in a meaningful way. Remember the old has to go to make place for the new. There will a celebratory mood in your personal life with happiness caused by good fortune, fruitfulness and bounty. Those desiring/planning for a child may get the good news of a pregnancy. At work you will be collaborative and cooperative and willing to compromise in order to reach a mutually satisfying outcome.


Hectic communication will keep you on your toes as this is the time of development in all areas of life. Making real a business, altering a work situation or developing a health plan will keep you busy. A great month for people in the fields of media, intellect and communications. A good month to seek financial advice and plan future investments. Your goals can be reached, if you set your path and keep to it. Success and critical acclaim of creative achievements will bring you much deserved glory. The downside of all this activity being, leaving you little or no time for your personal life


A month of new beginnings, which will bring about a sense of personal empowerment. You will be raring to go and will be chalking up exciting new plans for work and play, testing your limits by trying out things/activities never tried before. Great times spent bonding with siblings, friends and people you grew up with. A pleasant surprise, in the form of meeting someone from your past. A message, possibly from far away, about a trip, career move, leadership position or something spiritual/philosophical. If single, look forward to meeting/being introduced to someone really wonderful.


You will have a lot on your plate as this will be a very busy and equally fruitful month. This is also a time of transition where you will be leaving behind past hardships and finding new understanding and acceptance. Things will swing in your favor and your hard work being recognized and acknowledged. You will see your dreams materialize and experience a much-awaited very positive turn of events at work. Travel on the cards as well. Love life is pleasant.


A positive change in a close relationship. Singles will be meeting someone new. Those in a new relationship will see it move to a deeper and more committed phase. A new stage of bonding and communication for those in a mature relationship. Women will be very sensible, almost tightfisted, with finances whereas men will be tempted to spend money beyond their means. You will be moving towards better times, emotionally and physically.


The weight of making some life-altering decisions might see you retreat into a shell. People in a relationship, that has been stagnating for a while, or a long-distance relationship that is causing more grief than joy, might make some very decisive decisions about the future of the relationship. Discuss your apprehensions and problems with someone whom you trust and who will guide you well as your troubles are only magnified in your mind when you are sitting by yourself and analyzing them.


Gifts and material acquisitions coming your way and you gifting generously as well. The result being, a budget that has gone haywire. But worry not as money will be flowing in, balancing everything out. Pleasant times spent with siblings and friends and family you grew up with. Singles will be spoilt for choice as they will be meeting/be introduced to lots of exciting new people. A yoga program started now will do you a world of good. The cards indicate meeting someone from your past, an old love perhaps.


A month of enlightenment.  New light will shine on all important areas of your life making you view them differently, and clearly. Good news on the professional front and on the home front as well, will make you smile. The possibility of making some repairs/decorative changes in your home. Those planning/desiring a child could get some positive news on the pregnancy front.

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  1. Aha! Seems like a good month for me, and we all can do with one. Enjoyed this short forecast. Let’s see how much of it comes true. 😉

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