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TarotScope: Your Tarot Forecast for March



According to the Tarot , this is what the month of March holds for those born under the sign of;

Aries March 21 – April 19

Card of the month: Ten of Swords

What it signifies: This month will see you embracing acceptance. You’ll recognize that the past is over and done with in no uncertain terms, and be ready to surrender to or accept the finality of the truth and consequences in order to look to the future. You’ll let go of all attachment or resistance to sustaining conditions that don’t work or are out of your hands, accepting that you can’t move forward by beating a dead horse. Your spouse will be compassionate and loving towards you. Health will blossom, and see to it that you keep it that way.

Lucky Days: Monday, Wednesday and Saturday.

Lucky Colors: Leaf Green, Red and Bright Blue.


Taurus April 20 – May 20

Card of the month: Seven of Coins

What it signifies: This is the month that will make you recognize that the right timing is what will matter. You will be smart enough to understand that you don’t need to interfere with the natural progression and development of things that are out of your hands at the moment, but at the same time you’ll know it is about time for a change. You will be empowered by preparation and your asset will be using your time wisely. You will realize that you have earned a rest and will be aware that you can be more productive by taking a little break. Couples spend celebratory times together. Singles, a great time for you to mingle. Health flourishes.

Lucky Days: Monday, Wednesday and Saturday

Lucky Colors: Black, Grey and Ivory


Gemini May 21 – June20

Card of the month: The Hermit

What it signifies: This month you may find yourself feeling a little lonely.

If that is the case, take time out for inner reflection and focus on contemplating positive opportunities and outcomes. Spend your time reflecting on past joys and accomplishments and consider what you can do with your life to create more satisfaction and fulfillment. Think about the issues in your life carefully, from a more open-minded perspective and with a more positive attitude. And don’t let the fear of loneliness hold you back from making an important decision! Health will be stable.

Lucky Days: Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday

Lucky Colors: Yellow, Dark Brown and Gold.


Cancer June 21 – July 22

Card of the month: Nine of Cups

What it signifies: The tendency to focus on negative emotions could wrap you in a pall of gloom this month. You might brood over all the unpleasant issues and emotions that have happened in the past and think about them endlessly, and this might lead to jaded cynicism and disillusionment along with regret and anger. Be cautious against taking this mood too far as then people around might just isolate you. Instead consciously focus on all that you have been and are currently blessed with and you will slowly come out of this mood. In your relationship, guard against taking your partner for granted. Stress related health issues, but nothing that can’t be avoided, could cause minor irritation.

Lucky Days: Tuesday and Friday

Lucky Colors: Sky Blue, Cream and Red


Leo July 23 – August 22

Card of the month: Ace of Swords

What it signifies: A time for fresh inspiration, clarity of thought and inspired solutions. You will be raring to go and action, power and strength will spur you to reach your goals by helping you to tackle problems enthusiastically and effectively. Singles, an excellent time for you to mingle as you will come across as extremely charming to the members of the opposite sex. Those in committed relationships will see a new understanding dawn. An especially beneficial month for the Sagittarian youngsters and students. Health improves.

Lucky Days: Monday, Thursday and Saturday

Lucky Colors: Black, Maroon and Ink Blue


Virgo August 23 – September 22

Card of the month: Ace of Cups

What it signifies: This month will signal the start of many new beginnings. You will be sharp and aware of your needs and surroundings and eager to capture the essence of all things relevant. The varied emotions that you feel will be valid so don’t undergo guilt for experiencing them. You will feel good about yourself and realize that you deserve to pursue, share, and express unconditional love, pleasure, and happiness. For singles a new and loving relationship coming your way. Love takes a new turn and a closer bonding for those in established relationships. Health flourishes and those with ongoing ailments find relief from health troubles.

Lucky Days: Monday, Thursday and Saturday.

Lucky Colors: Beige, Ochre and Black.


Libra September 23 – October 22

Card of the month: Strength

What it signifies: This month will represent the need for you to show courage where it is needed and, more importantly, the courage and strength to be true to yourself.

You will find yourself being determined to put to rest your insecurities and self-doubts by improving your sense of self-esteem and self-worth. You will be assertive while making decisions and face opposition, if any, to them confidently, surprising everyone and yourself in the process. Assertiveness, confidence and proactive action are all good signs of harnessing your own strength and courage. A good time for singles to mix. Heath is good, but that doesn’t mean you neglect it.

Lucky Days: Monday and Wednesday

Lucky Colors: Dull Brown, Dark Green and Black


Scorpio October 23 – November 21

Card of the month: Four of Cups

What it signifies: This month you’d like to take things slow and easy and with introspection and compassion. You’ll also realize that you are not alone and will be grateful for the support from loved ones and offer kindness, support and inclusion without judgment in return. You’ll think of weeding out elements and people that do not sustain or respect your need for space, encouragement or your hearts desire. Those in an established relationship will bond better and deeply with their partners. Health will be stable.

Lucky Days: Sunday and Tuesday

Lucky Colors: Canary Yellow, White and Matt Gold.


Sagittarius November 22 – December 21

Card of the month: Five of Cups

What it signifies: This month will see you making a firm intention to let go of despair or nostalgia of the past and to make peace in order to move forward. You will firmly step out of the rut of regret and the fear of tomorrow to make way for forgiveness, pleasure, beauty and hope and will be empowered by your conscience. Good times will be spent with your spouse. Those in a new relationship may decide to move towards a committed phase. Singles will meet someone new and interesting. Dramatic improvements on the health front will make you happy.

Lucky Days: Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday

Lucky Color: Sky Blue, Red and Gold


Capricorn December 22 – January 19

Card of the month: Two of Swords

What it signifies: A balancing act will be the need of the hour this month, as sometimes tough choices must be made and indecision will only aggravate the situation. Compromise and choose the lesser of the two evils and minimize any damage that may be done. Worry not, as you have the ability to make the best of any situation, no matter what! Your partner will be supportive, so make it a point to reciprocate with love. Health will have its share of ups and downs, though those with chronic health ailments will move towards better health.

Lucky Days: Sunday, Tuesday and Saturday

Lucky Colors: Forest Green, Golden Yellow and Dark Blue


Aquarius January 20 – February 18

Card of the month: Three of Cups

What it signifies: A great month coming up for you. A time of the fulfillment of hopes and bonding and celebrating with loved ones. Friendships both old and new, revelry and abundance will make you happy. You’ll embrace the pleasure of the moment and share the beauty and joy of common bonds. Singles could meet someone new and interesting and good marriage proposals could also come their way. A time of bonding for those in established and long distance relationships. Those in long-term relationships could plan their wedding. Health will flourish.

Lucky Days: Friday and Monday

Lucky Colors: White, Chocolate Brown and Blue


Pisces February 19 – March 20

Card of the month: Queen of Swords

What it signifies: This month will see you playing the role of an advocate, to people or causes close to your heart.  Your experience will be your guide and you will be trusted to judge, perceive or tell it like it is. You’ll be wise enough to realize that not everyone will warm up to you instantly but you will use your wisdom and sharp wit responsibly. Arian women will have a particularly good month, with everything going for them and recognition and compliments coming their way. Singles could be introduced to someone new. Couples should avoid inflexibility and unnecessary arguments. Health will be good.

Lucky Days: Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday

Lucky Colors: Yellow, Bright Red and all shades of Green




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