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A Tarot Card Deck is not similar to a Playing Card Deck. No, you cannot ‘play Cards’ with a Tarot Deck. Ironically, the initial Tarot Readings in ancient times were conducted via a Deck that much resembled a playing card Deck.


Phew! Now that I have answered that often asked the question and it is out of the way let me tell me about the Tarot Card Deck.

A Tarot Card Deck is a Tarot Card Readers most prized possession. A basic Tarot Card Deck consists of 78 cards, divided into 22 Major Arcana, the Minor Arcana, and 4 Suits that total up to 56 Cards.

While the number of Cards and these segregations remains constant throughout all Tarot Decks, the size of the Deck and the illustrations on them vary greatly. Decks are based on various themes such as nature, animals, fantasy, dragons, and more.

Each of the Cards is differently illustrated, and each of the 78 Cards has about 7-8 various interpretations. The interpretation of each Card varies according to the question asked and the order it is placed in a spread.


A Tarot Card Deck has no religious significance. The figures that can be found on them are not Gods or Goddesses. Rich noblemen commissioned artists to paint their portraits on the Tarot Cards and that is how figures on the Cards came to be.

Tarot Decks need to be stored right. You are not supposed to handle a Deck with dirty hands. Always keep the Deck wrapped in natural fabric like Silk or Cotton and store them in a box preferably made of Wood. Do not store the Deck near or along with Electronic paraphernalia or in the Bedroom. Cleansing the Deck after each reading is a must.

There are 100s of Tarot Decks and newer ones coming up each day. Choosing a Deck is based on a Tarot Readers personal preference, though it is often said that a Deck attracts a Reader and vice versa. It is believed that a Tarot Deck should never be bought, but always gifted. I would say I agree with this myth as all the Decks I own have been gifted to me.

Hi, I am Mayuri, a Tarot Card Reader by Profession and a Writer by design. Since I am already aware of what the future holds, I enjoy unwrapping the present. Follow me on my Instagram handle @CardTalkWithMayuri to know more about the Tarot and all things related.

This post is part of the #BlogchatterA2Z challenge hosted by Blogchatter, and my theme is Demystifying the Tarot.


  1. The cards are really beautiful!

  2. I find tarot cards so intriguing. How do u clean them, Mayuri? Is there a process?

    1. Thanks for reading, Harjeet. In the previous post, for the alphabet C, I have shared the details about cleaning the cards.

  3. Deepika Sharma

    Another engaging post. I always thought the images were of greek or roman gods.
    Thanks for clearing that
    Deepika Sharma

    1. Thanks for reading,Deepika .

  4. I always wondered what the paintings were on the tarot cards! Glad you cleared that up.

    1. Thanks for reading, Shalini .

  5. I am enjoying learning so much about Tarot through your posts. The paintings are so beautiful on the Tarot, I was always fascinated to know about it.

    1. Thanks for reading, Aesha, and glad you are enjoying doing so.

  6. Roma

    Tarot reading is both an art and a science it seems. I am so clue about these facts on the decks

    1. Thanks for reading, Roma.

  7. The tarot cards are eye catching. It is intriguing to hear how to handle them. Your posts are really enjoyable!
    If you like Classic poetry, do visit my blog: deepties.blogspot.com

  8. Harshita Nanda

    Very interesting that you shouldn’t buy the deck, but it should be gifted. May I ask who gifted your first deck?

    1. My brother gifted me my 1st Deck, and many others to follow too. In fact he was the one who pushed me into learning Tarot Reading too.

  9. oh, I didn’t know people commissioned their portraits on the deck! That is interesting.

  10. Another enlightening post as usual. Just a question though….. If new decks keep getting made, do the readers have difficulty in interpreting them? Also do you choose a different deck for each reading?

    1. A new Deck does take time to get used to. I stick to a Deck for years, till i get a new one.

  11. Another curtain raised for me regarding Tarot Cards. I had always wondered about the figurines and have wondered which Gods & Goddesses they depicted. Glad now I know the reality.

    1. Glad the post helped, Chinmayee.

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