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Black Magic : All That You Should Know

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In my 14-year-old career as a Tarot Card Reader I have come across, and still do, consult clients who claim that ‘Black Magic has been done to them’. Sometimes no amount of reassurances and logic helps to convince them that Black Magic does not exist.

They are fearful, and are ready to go to any lengths to ‘get rid of the Black Magic’. Some have even offered to pay me obscene amounts of money to rid them of it. Then there are also instances where money has also been offered to me to ‘do Black Magic’ on someone too.

I have stuck by my belief, There Is No Black Magic.

 What is Black Magic?

Tricks / ‘Prayers’ /Methods / Magic / Sorcery / Spells and the likes, used to supposedly invoke evil spirits for evil deeds is considered to be Black Magic.

How does Black Magic Work?

If you are a confident, secure, hard-working, balanced, and happy individual, over time you realize that hard work, honesty, perseverance, and the right intentions are the basic qualities needed to take charge of life, both personally and professionally.

However, there are times when life takes a downslide and despite your best intentions and hard work, nothing seems to be going your way.

Try as you might to plug the damage, things keep getting worse. With everything going against you, your confidence and probably your faith takes a beating. Your confidence dips and your sense of security deserts you.

This is when you are at your most gullible and vulnerable, ready to believe anything that would make you feel better about your future and yourself.

This is when ‘Black Magic starts working’. Black-Magic-Cardstalk-Tarot

If you eat a kilo of sweets a day, there are chances that your weight is bound to go up, as will your sugar levels.

If you eat right, sleep well and exercise moderately, your health will be better than most people around you.

If you save money, you are likely to have a good nest egg.

This shows that each of our actions leads to specific results.

Similarly, once you start believing in Black Magic, and the fact that it works, you start convincing yourself of its existence. Even though it does not exist, you persuade yourself that it does, that it not only exists but it is working against you.

When you are vulnerable and add the belief that external forces, in the form of Black Magic, are working against you, fear sets in. Fear is what weakens you, mentally and then physically. Logic deserts you next.

In this frame of mind, the downward spiral is swift, and you are further convinced that something is being done to you. You start behaving out of character, making decisions that are uncharacteristic, causing further damage.

 It is you who has changed your decisions. Your actions are atypical. This is why the results they bring are probably disastrous.

 And you blame ‘Black Magic’.

A vulnerable mind will believe anything that gives it comfort, let it not be the thought of Black Magic.

Have you ever thought about how;

People who claim to have the powers to conduct Black Magic are almost always destitute, with a hand-to-mouth existence and living in the worst conditions.

Those who claim to have ‘special powers’ are filthy, have a disturbing addiction (Alcohol/ Paan /Drugs/ Beedi, and the like)

These kinds are troubled people themselves, facing various problems in their own lives.

If I was powerful enough or had the power to destroy a person, control minds, lives, and circumstances, would I be ruling the world, or wasting my time doing stuff like handing out lemons and threads to rule people?

Think about it.


  1. Black magic is the tool used by losers and failures. What a lovely post, and you have explained the reasons behind people falling prey to such tactics brilliantly.
    I also feel this is the act of cowardice, have heard the words tona-totka quite often during my childhood days. Those who believe in this superstition make sure others fall for it too. So, before we listen to such pranks one has to use brain wisely.

  2. You are absolutely correct ! We like to blame others for the bad things that happen to us . And really why has the time to put spells on others ! Black Magic is a sign of a weak mind .

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