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India post COVID-19 #TarotScope


Ever since the Corona/ Pandemic became a familiar word on everyone’s lips, I have had innumerable requests asking me to read the Tarot Cards to see what the future holds for India, post the Pandemic.

This afternoon, the 31st of March 2020, I finally did a Tarot Reading, and here is what came up.

Is this Pandemic a natural phenomenon or biological warfare propagated by certain countries?

Conspiracies, biological warfare, and the like are being planned even as you read this. Very rarely do they succeed in reaching the execution phase. The current time frame was ripe for calamity to happen and it HAD to happen, which is why Corona did.  If it wouldn’t have been Corona/COVID-19 it would have been some other disaster.



When will India get relief from this Pandemic?

COVID is raging rampant all over the world and will continue to do so till the end of April. It will start losing steam from mid-May in certain countries. In India, we need to be very vigilant till the end of July. Follow the rules of Social Distancing, Hand Hygiene, and Staying Indoors. Post-July we may see a few scares till September ends.

April 2021 is when we can finally experience relief from COVID-19, and it’s after-effects.


What is the future of India post COVID-19?

A Mega Clean up was waiting to happen so that the world could align itself right again, and it came in the form of this Pandemic. Prices, mindsets, the economy, everything was going haywire, benefitting some majorly, and others not at all.

COVID-19 seems to be this giant eraser, obliterating every past triumph, be it that of an individual, a company, or even a country, making us write a fresh chapter as we will create new history.

India is going to be one of the very few countries that would not only be comparatively least affected by this Pandemic but also the one to get back on its feet faster than other countries.

Yes, India and Indians will be shaken, stirred and shattered, like the rest of the world is. However, we will rearrange ourselves faster and get into better shape than we used to be.


Tell me more…

  • What came as a very pleasant surprise to me in this reading was that India will experience Women Empowerment like never before. Post Pandemic, we will see Women is positions of decision making roles, whether it is in homes, as small business owners or in positions of power in the corporate or political world.

One reason for this being, Women are resilient, women adapt, women evolve and women hit the ground running and think on their feet. These are the qualities that will be needed to build a new future.

  • Careers areas related to the Environment, Sustainability, Finance and Education will have a bright and long term future.
  • This Pandemic has also shone new light on Mental Health, and will take it to a place of healing.
  • Post COVID people will see, and value, relationships anew, and not hesitate to discard the ones that don’t matter.
  • The ‘worth’ that was given to material possessions will be re analysed. Skills and smarts will be the calculators of worth.

To sum up, ‘Things that don’t move forward will have to be left behind.’

Watch this space for more!



  1. Coming from someone whose Tarot readings I believe in, I’m glad for a few things and uncomfortable about others. Biological warfare is still being planned, that’s truly disturbing after Covid.

    Women empowerment gave me a reason to smile and rightly so. Your reasons are right, we adapt and evolve faster. I hope India does get back in its feet fast since we have to see this for a long time still.

    1. Thank you for sharing this Mayuri. I am feeling very hopeful after reading your post.

      1. Biological warfare is something we often discuss in espionage or fiction movies, coming to terms of it is an abrupt shock to the system.

        Also, hopeful reading the positive side of transformation for women and how well they adapt to the change. Fingers crossed for a better tomorrow.

      2. Glad you did it. I am happy that we would recover fast and women will see positive changes. My only worry is till April 2021… That’s really too far.

  2. Vaishali

    It was good to read this.. Gave a satisfaction.. Maybe because I know you personally, this write was so convincing and I really want it to be true!!! Hoping this will all happen…

    1. April 21′ is a loooong way! But yeah it is surely a good thing to stay safe and at home in the coming months at the least. We have been good and we are blessed. We shouldn’t take it for granted and mess it up.

    2. Positive points in your post. You shared some different views and have made me think alot of how we should conduct ourselves post this pandemic

  3. Mother nature is calling for a cleanse this is why all this is happening. We have been tampering a lot with nature and now we are getting it back. Hope there is no much damage and loss of life that is something which is disturbing.

    1. Dr Bushra

      Biological warfare is talk of the town nowadays. Like you predicted India would get faster on its feet, brings a way of positivity in mind.

  4. Arulmozhi

    I have never been much of a believer but your words resonate with a lot of logic

  5. That somehow gives me an assurance that my hunch was right. I too feel its only in August that kids may be able to step out. April 2021 is going to be a really long run but I hope we will come out stronger with this new way of live.

  6. This Tarot-reading comes with such heartening news Mayuri, even a distant hope is enough to keep us alive these days amidst lockdown 3.0. I am di enticed to get checked from you when will we be able to return home.

  7. This reading has filled my heart with hope and positivity. I can see that india as a whole is managing things well but now it is in our hands to keep it so and ensure that we stay least affected.

  8. I am a bit hopeful after reading your post . But April 2021 is way far now.. It is all scary period right now..

  9. Judy Morris

    Well you said what I feel today. As we sit on the partial end of lockdown most probably for a few days. Biological warfare is deemed to happen cause the play of power can be exercised by any finicky leader. But hopefully world will sail through like it did after world wars.

  10. I belive that this situation would go long because we need to take proper measures even after the lockdown gets lifted, let’s hope for good health of all.

  11. I read this post when you had shared it in Instagram stories and it gave me a a boost, to read that India will buck up quickly and that there will be a real women empowerment ! Loving your Tarot posts!

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