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TarotScope: Your Tarot Forecast for November

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This month is a time to tie loose ends peacefully and be ready for new beginnings. A period of culmination and a cycle coming to an end means a realization of several desires close to your heart. Far and wide travel nationally as well as internationally will be lucrative. Professional: You will be given authority to use your talents and ideas for ventures old and new and those that are vital and need urgent completion. Romance: In relationships you enter a phase of happiness and stability with your loved one.


Guard against impatience and allow for the natural way of things getting better and brighter for you. Thinking before you act is a process you will enjoy as you go through blissful transformations. Professional: A slow and steady successful phase at work. Romance: A marriage period for the singles begins so take the necessary actions required if you wish to get married. Those in a long term relationship, or married, could mutually work towards a better understanding with their partner.


This month signals a time for the manifestation of your dreams. Having gone through emotional and challenging experiences, you tread cautiously and are far more grounded than before. Striking a balance between business and pleasure has its positive all around effects. Professional: This month depicts new hope, moving towards your goals and achieving them. Romance: Those in love might plan a romantic wedding and will have all the love and support of family and friends.


This month will depict an innate desire to make certain pivotal changes in your life. You will be thinking of and heading towards new beginnings. If employed you may think of quitting and venturing into an independent business.  Loved ones are supportive and help you in the process. Professional: At work you will be given an important project to deal with and feel the need to plan meticulously. Those in the media will be at their creative best. Romance: Love life is romantic and cozy.


The month starts with you feeling grounded and secure. You will also find yourself being more compassionate and patient while dealing with others. There might be a tendency to splurge excessively on loved ones, so keep a rein on those purse strings!  A period of travel begins. Professional: Dealing with insecurities and fears and working your way towards your strengths will be on your schedule and this will help improve the quality of effort you put in.  Romance: A trip out of town could bring in a new relationship.


This is the month that will see you meeting and tackling challenges coming your way. A good time to listen to good advice from people who genuinely care and to learn lessons from the past to avoid further confusion. You will feel assertive and artistic, allowing a free flow of creativity. Professional: The need to walk that extra mile will help you have an edge over competitors that keep coming to the fore. Romance: Long-term love relationships could culminate into marriage.


This month will bestow upon you a heightened sense of creativity. Money comes quickly. Entertaining at home appeals to your generous spirit. Professional: You will be full of ideas and ways of experimenting with them successfully. Romance: If involved in long distance relationships, you rediscover togetherness. Those in a long term relationship, or married, could mutually work towards a better understanding with the partner. Singles meet a person with whom there is instant attraction.


A need to release thought patterns and excessive attachment to memories is the need of now. Forgive what cannot be changed, as holding onto an unreal picture of the past serves no purpose – and is in fact a hindrance to achievement. Professional: A period of hard yet fulfilling work ahead. New ideas will enhance existing knowledge. You will want to enhance your career graph and set aside mental blocks to make way for creativity. Independent business folks meet like minded folks with a view to expand their projects. Romance: Love life is positive.


Good relationships and a loving atmosphere at home make this a good period. Be patient with delays and take them in your stride. Avoid getting involved in arguments. If a situation or person seems too good to be true, scratch under the surface before committing. A fertile period for women. Professional: It may seem that other people have a heard start; but what is happening in your life is just right for you. Romance: Singles enter a time of new relationships. Emotional closeness and a new level of comfort ensure mental peace in long term relationships.


A month of transitions, with inevitable changes and plans underway. You will be consciously breaking down your mental barriers, facing your utmost fears, seeking clarity and moving forward. Personally and professionally you could be taking some bold steps.  Professional: You are likely to feel stagnant at work and a ray of hope, when you least expect it, will spur you to gun for new beginnings. Romance: If single, you draw many interested individuals to yourself.


This month heralds achievements and breakthroughs at work. You could receive new offers from within and outside of your professional structure. Be careful whose advice you take and while handling and investing money Professional: Position and power are your destiny and you are appreciated with a raise in your wages. Romance: In relationships don’t let the mistakes of the past affect your future. Doubts and gray areas must be cleared up at once. Avoid jumping to conclusions and forming untrue and unjust opinions.


Having gone through emotional and challenging experiences, you tread cautiously and are far more grounded than before. New hope, moving towards your goals, new beginnings and the tying of loose ends will ensure busy times on both fronts. The support of family and friends will ensure that you will juggle both successfully. Professional: Stalled situations and projects move forward. Romance: Singles, having a non-judgmental attitude would make you more receptive to receiving love.


  1. This brings good news for me! BTW, are these moon signs or sun signs I usually go with whatever is looking good but genuinely what to know.

  2. Will inform you after this month.

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