Be Flawsome ! #MayTivation

Flaw – a mark, blemish, or other imperfection which mars a substance or object. That which causes something not to be perfect.

We all have flaws. Some acknowledge their flaws while some deny them. Some wish to change their flaws while still others embrace them.

How do you identify your flaws?

I am a neat freak, I love everything organised and in place. However, my friends and family who are not too fond of being organised, see my quality as a flaw. Is it a flaw? I would disagree, as I believe in doing things myself and do not force anyone else to do things my way.

I don’t drive. Once again, my family and friends see it as a flaw, more so when I used to and hold a valid driver’s licence. I see it as a flaw too, and accept it to be.

Which is why when someone points out what they imagine to be your flaw, you need to evaluate it. then depending on what you concluded about their view you either brush it off, or pay close attention, depending on how much you value the person’s opinion.


If you think the pointed out flaw could be debilitating, like maybe the habit of neglecting your health or spending too much money, and changing it could enhance your life, tweak it.

However, if you think what is being pointed out as a flaw is not a flaw, for instance being a voracious reader and being made to feel guilty about it, embrace that ‘flaw’ and turn a deaf ear.

If your flaws don’t hold you back or of  they are not harming you or those around you. Or your flaws are more imagined than real, then it is time to embrace them.

As , if you don’t accept and embrace your flaws, somebody else will exaggerate them. You have to realise that you are, or can be, awesome with your flaws.

You have to remind yourself that you are Flawsome.

P:S: Flawsome is a term coined by International Super Model Tyra Banks and I have been in love with this word ever since I heard it first. 



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