Be Positive #MayTivation

Be Positive.

How many times have you heard these words being told to you? How many times have you mouthed them to others? Have you ever paused and realized the amount of pressure these two words can put on others and on yourself?

Human beings come inbuilt to experience a range of emotions. Some, like love, happiness, and contentment are those we know as Positive emotions or Positivity.

Then there are the not-so-popular ones, like anger, hatred, despair, and the like all neatly clubbed under Negative emotions or Negativity.

When the going is great we tend to be positive about everything. However, when we find things not going our way the scales tend to tilt toward negativity. It could be consciously or subconsciously, but they do. There is so much pressure to be positive/ feel positive/ think positive from everywhere, be it family, friends, social media even those WhatsApp forwards that do the rounds. So much so that most of us are guilty and at times even afraid to feel anything ‘negative’ and talk about it when we do.

Suppressing any emotion tends to magnify it and it usually finds an outlet in some form. Kind of like putting yourself on a strict diet, constantly thinking of the food you’ve decided to deprive yourself of, and then giving in to one mad moment and binge eating, only to regret it later and realize that portion control works better than deprivation.

In the same way, it works better to experience every emotion you may be going through, keeping in mind not to let the not-so-pleasant ones stay back long enough to form a habit.

Feel every emotion, do not suppress yourself from doing that, but remember not to hold onto them. And after you’ve done so, let it go and feel the relief.

Remember portion control of your emotions works better than depriving yourself of them. This is what Being Positive should truly be about.



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