Emotional Upgrade, anyone? #MayTivation

We live in a day and age where technology moves faster than we can catch up with it.

Buy the latest gadget and before you even start using it fully an upgraded version of it hits the market. It’s the same with Apps, those saviors we can’t do without! Even your blog plugins and everything that we use is upgraded regularly.

Almost none of us want to be left behind and are quick to upgrade everything from the technology we use to our lifestyle. An upgrade ensures a better performance making life easier, which is why we go for it.

However, how many of us even give a thought to giving ourselves an emotional upgrade?

Emotional Upgrade? What’s that, you wonder?

Just like we update our gadgets, our apps, and our lifestyle, in the same way, we all need to upgrade emotionally.

How many of us are clinging to thought processes that were ingrained into us as children?

Holding on to beliefs and values passed on to us by generations before us, without ever questioning them?

Clinging to memories, even people, who are holding us back, instead of helping us move ahead.

Not letting go of habits that are wearing us down?

Fearful of feeling and allowing ourselves to live to the fullest?

Staying back in the comfortable rut of yesterday, whether self-created or otherwise will ensure there is no emotional growth. Without emotional growth, there is no progress.

What is life without progress? What’s the fun in being just as you were, 5,10, even 20 years ago?

If you want to change your life and yourself for the better, you need to give yourself an Emotional Upgrade.”

Shrug off old habits and try new ones.

Re-examine your thoughts, values, and beliefs, you’ll be surprised how many may have crossed their best-before date long ago.

Dust off memories that have withered and create new ones instead. Shed your emotional baggage.

Don’t be emotionally redundant and live your life in a miserly fashion. Give yourself an Emotional Upgrade and move with the times.


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