Pay It Forward #MayTivation

No human being is an island. As much as we may like to believe or tell ourselves that we are self-sufficient, could almost do it all, and that we ‘don’t need anyone’, experience teaches us that that is not the case.

Life is unpredictable, as is human behaviour. We never know what the next moment might bring.

At some time in each of our lives, we will need other people. We will need help. We will need favours. There will be times when we will need to reach out to hold a helping hand. To steady ourselves, to balance ourselves, or just help nudge us forward.

You could call it a favour, you could call it to help, or you could call it an obligation. You could call it anything you wish to, but never forget that it came to you at the time when you needed it the most.

Conscientious people always acknowledge favours done and look forward to returning them as soon as they can. Acknowledging a good deed is good practice, and returning a favour is a thought that is always appreciated.

However, what if we decided to pay it forward too?

When someone does something for you, apart from / or instead of paying that person back you pass it on the favour to another person instead. Repay a good deed done to you, to others apart from / instead of the original benefactor. Doing something nice for someone because something nice was done for you? How about if a favour was done to you, you pay it forward by helping 3 people in return?

Imagine if this was taken ahead by the people we paid it forward to, and the next in line, and the next. Imagine the ripple effect a good deed could cause and how many lives each of us could touch.

Instead of merely talking about changing the world, why don’t we just start doing it by paying it forward, one person at a time?

Just the thought itself is so uplifting, isn’t it? When are you starting?



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