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Of Positive and Negative Emotions

As a Tarot Card Reader, two of the questions I am asked most often are; How can we stay Positive and How do we handle Negative emotions/negativity?

This is what works for me.

We have emotions to make us feel; to connect to things and people.

Stop classifying your emotions into just Positive and Negative. Learn to identify what you are truly feeling and label each emotion right. Are you feeling anxious, angry, scared, insecure, content, exhausted, resentful, lethargic so on and so forth.

Labeling your emotions right is bound to change your perspective about how you feel. Labeling them right leads you to the right way to deal with them.

So, if you are feeling anxious try to get to the root cause of what is making you feel so. An honest self-analysis is what will help you get to the reason. Once you understand what leads you to feel the way you do, you will work towards handling it.

When you simply label an emotion as Negative your mind has already made a monster out of it and remember we all fear monsters. So you have already started fearing something, giving it more power than it truly deserves. Giving ‘negative’ emotions the right name minimizes their impact instantly.

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Interestingly, so-called negative emotions can be used as triggers to help you do better.

Angry? Glug back a liter of water and walk off that anger. Sad? Clean the house or your room, get some gardening done, and, my personal favorite, get into the shower.  Rejected? Understand truly why and work on the weakness or weak link.

If a specific emotion keeps recurring it is most probably signaling you to work on a certain aspect of your life. Identify that aspect and work towards it.

I wake up every morning believing that today is a wonderful day where everything is going to go my way, and it does. When it doesn’t, I don’t fret, as there are other days and other ways to make it happen.

You have to learn to be in the driver’s seat and lead your emotions, feelings, and thoughts. Most people do the exact opposite of it and let their emotions lead them. Doing so makes you very vulnerable.

When overwhelmed do not hesitate to step back. Take a shower, eat something delicious wear your best clothes, ladies wear red lipstick, wear perfume. These are instant mood enhancers.

The most important one is the thought/will that you want to feel different.

I am salty about letting any emotion that pulls me down-stay for long. So I monitor my cry fests, overdramatic thought processes and my world has ended episodes.

When I am low I look at the mirror and every available reflective surface and smile. Genuinely, from the inside. From my heart. It helps that I have great teeth and a wonderful smile. Irrespective, just smile.

Feelings and emotions are beautiful. Be empathetic enough to appreciate yours and compassionate enough to value those of others too.

Happiness is contagious, we have everything we need, all other aspirations are just pure greed.

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