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X-Ray: Demystifying the Tarot #BlogchatterA2Z

‘Never lie to your Doctor AND to your Tarot Card Reader!’, is what you can find me quoting often.

Why do I say that?

Simply because just as a Doctor needs the right health-related information to make the correct diagnosis, you need to be 100 percent truthful to your Tarot Card Reader if you want the right answers and solutions. A Tarot Card Spread is just like an X-Ray, it tells me everything, yes things that even you don’t want to by choice or otherwise.


When I conduct a Tarot Card Reading, I instruct the Clients to ask one specific question at a time. I get the answer to the question asked via a Spread. Since I use a multiple Card Spread my Readings are very detailed. They reveal much more than the Client chooses to or is willing to sometimes. Remember, we have to trace certain steps back into the past to find out where, and why, one is in the present, and how the present will lay a path for the future.

So, as much as we may believe that is all about the NOW, remember the now swings on the strings of your past and future.

The Spread is not only like an X-Ray but it is a storyboard of your life spread out in front of me too. It strings together your journey from your birth to where you are now, for me. It lets me know things you don’t wish to share, for reasons best known to you, so that I could share useful information that would help you get closure, give clarity or help you find whatever you seek. Remember, the right information leads to the right solution.

Hi, I am Mayuri, a Tarot Card Reader by Profession and a Writer by design. Since I am already aware of what the future holds, I enjoy unwrapping the present. Follow me on my Instagram handle @CardTalkWithMayuri to know more about the Tarot and all things related.

This post is part of the #BlogchatterA2Z challenge hosted by Blogchatter, and my theme is Demystifying the Tarot.


  1. You had talked about the Spread earlier as well. And this is just wow, you surely got an X-ray vision. And truly said , only right information can lead to right solutions. Have been learning so much about this Art from you.

  2. M so fascinated by tarot after reading you posts. The fear of the unknown can be so overwhelming and at the same time a bit of not knowing can be a relief too in a way

  3. Hmm, yes you indeed have the X-Ray vision. And that helps your clients seeking answers. After reading this post, I have some new questions for you, I think I will need to book another appointment soon.

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