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Vice: Demystifying the Tarot #BlogchatterA2Z

People from all age groups, different walks of life, and both genders come to me for a Tarot Card Reading. Their demeanor before, during, and after a Reading undergoes visible changes I can see happening right in front of me, during the Tarot Card Reading.

From being stiff-backed and often uncommunicative, some even refrain from looking me in the eye at the start of the session I usually see them lounging in their chairs, with a smile on their faces and talking faster than they can frame their sentences after the session is done.


It is at these times that some truths tumble out of their mouths. The most common being that they had no idea or had a very wrong idea of what Tarot Card Reading is all about. More often than not I have also heard of people and religions labeling Tarot Card Reading as a ‘Vice’. Truth be told, when I first started out and used to hear this term being used for the Tarot, it used to hurt me immensely. I used to take it personally, and it used to take me days to get over it.

Now I just work on shedding light on this great misconception that people have. The Tarot, and anything to do with it, is not a Vice. Not one bit. Tarot and Tarot Cards have no religious or communal bent. Yes, the Oracle Angel Cards have Angels and Goddesses but they are not the Cards I use for my main Tarot Card Readings. They are an addition to it as well as being an option. When certain people are not comfortable with wrapping up a Reading with the Angel Oracle Cards I respect their choice and belief and don’t push them to.

Tarot has guided so many people to seek solace and strength from Spirituality, Prayer, Chants, and even Rituals. My clients have found paths they had previously abandoned, thanks to the Tarot.l

When you label something without knowing anything about it, it is a very wrong thing to do. Please do not use words like ‘Vice’ for something that is pure, unbiased, nonjudgemental, and has guided many and helped them to realign with and use their virtues to better their lives, and of those around them.

Hi, I am Mayuri, a Tarot Card Reader by Profession and a Writer by design. Since I am already aware of what the future holds, I enjoy unwrapping the present. Follow me on my Instagram handle @CardTalkWithMayuri to know more about the Tarot and all things related.

This post is part of the #BlogchatterA2Z challenge hosted by Blogchatter, and my theme is Demystifying the Tarot.


  1. Would have to be truly conservative to assume tarot reading is a religious vice! I didn’t think this would be an issue till you talked of it.

  2. Harshita Nanda

    We fear things that are unfamiliar to us, by branding Tarot as a vice, is wrong. I appreciate you having taken up this topic to dispel the myths about Tarot

  3. Deepika

    Absolutely agree with you. Little knowledge can be dangerous and to label something based on that is indeed wrong. And to top it up with religious connotations is worse. Good of you to be clearing the air
    Deepika Sharma

  4. Oh!! Never thought something like this happens too. Great that you have brought it up. It will prevent people from making their own assumptions and labeling the things they don’t have enough knowledge about.

  5. There is a spirituality element to the science of Tarot. And that makes it more fascinating.

  6. We always fear what we don’t know and we form judgements easily without any solid ground. You have really done great by writing in detail about Tarot Cards.

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