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Respect: Demystifying the Tarot #BlogchatterA2Z

At social gatherings, I am often asked if I am carrying my Tarot Deck and if I would ‘answer a few questions quickly’.

People I barely know ask me to ‘pick Cards for them’.

When I am traveling and meet someone, mostly for the 1st time, I am asked ‘what the Cards are predicting for them’.


I can understand that not everyone has the full knowledge of what exactly Tarot Card Reading is and what it means to me, but I think everyone is mature enough to understand that it is my profession and just for that it should be given respect due to it.

It is a profession and has to be taken seriously, whether you believe in it or not. Imagine if you are a Doctor and someone asks you to perform surgery at a gathering. You are at a party and random strangers share their ailments and ask you for a free, diagnosis. Annoying right? Exactly!

You should respect the profession called Tarot Card Reading, even if you don’t understand it.

Not only you but even when we learn it we are taught to respect every aspect of it.

The guidelines for Tarot Card Reading are; Respect our seat (where we conduct our Readings from) our practice, our Card Deck, and our clients.

Cleanliness in and around the area of a Reading is a must. It always helps if you have a fixed area to conduct your Readings from.

The Cards need to be cleansed/purified before and after each Reading, ensuring that the effects of the previous Readings are completely eliminated.

We need to respect the client and their questions, by never scoffing at or being judgemental about any question asked.

And yes, complete confidentiality of the Reading and your non-involvement as a Reader is a non-negotiable must.

So the next time you meet someone with an unusual profession, try to understand it. Doing so will only enhance your knowledge.

Hi, I am Mayuri, a Tarot Card Reader by Profession and a Writer by design. Since I am already aware of what the future holds, I enjoy unwrapping the present. Follow me on my Instagram handle @CardTalkWithMayuri to know more about the Tarot and all things related.

This post is part of the #BlogchatterA2Z challenge hosted by Blogchatter, and my theme is Demystifying the Tarot.


  1. You raise a vital point here – even if they don’t understand a profession, they should at least offer a basic respect for it. I can only imagine the type of questions you come across right at the very start of these conversations

  2. Tarot is not a regular profession, Mayuri. I understand we should respect it. But people are ignorant and will say all sorts of things. I have been to alternate therapies and it is the same case with them too.

  3. Harshita Nanda

    The doctor one I can so relate to, Random people used to ask my sisters for diagnosis in parties etc, they stopped telling their profession!!
    Didn’t know bechare Tarot Card readers ke saath bhi same thing. I guess we just want free-fund ki cheezen.

  4. I agree…. Like any other profession tarot should be given utmost respect. For me it is one of the most fascinating profession ,would love to get in touch with you.

  5. Very true, Mayuri.
    Most don’t have any knowledge of such professions.
    If people know someone is an astrologer or palmist, they lose no time to enquire 🙂

  6. I am so happy you wrote about it. People don’t seem to have the basic common sense these days. Absolutely respect is a must!

  7. Deepika

    Completely agree with you. One’s profession has to be treated with respect even if you understand little about it.
    Deepika Sharma

  8. Such an important part of all professions, respect. It’s so annoying when people don’t make an attempt to understand. Glad you included this in your series

  9. Such an important part of all professions, respect. It’s so annoying when people don’t make an attempt to understand. Glad you included this in your series ..

  10. So true. People have this habit. For anyone who provide services, doesn’t happen to people who sell products. It is so frustrating. I am going through this, people calling me, I have just one question they say. Which college should my child select? Yes, it’s just one question for you but it means one hour of research for me because I cannot randomly answer this question, it’s about a student’s future. I can so relate to this.

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