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Lovers: Demystifying the Tarot #BlogchatterA2Z

My theme for the #BlogchatterA2Z is ‘Demystifying the Tarot’ and I have been unveiling Tarot Card Reading with each post. I have been writing about the Tarot, the Deck, the process, and little snippets of how a Reading is done. In my posts, I have often repeated that a Tarot Card Deck has 78 Cards and each of the 78 Cards has multiple meanings. Let me share what exactly I mean.

Today I am going to introduce you to the Tarot Card called The Lovers.

The Lovers is the 6th Card of the 22 Cards that make up the Major Arcana. Major Arcana Cards are the big daddy Cards of a Tarot Card Deck. Some say that the images on the Card represents Adam and Eve, the 1st Male and Female forms to inhabit the Earth.

I resonated with this Card the moment I laid my eyes on it when I got my 1st ever Tarot Deck. It was only later, much later that I found out that The Lovers is a Card that represents Gemini, my star sign. Strange coincidence, uh?


The Lovers Tarot Card is one of the most multifaceted Cards in the pack! The name and look of the card may give you an impression that it is all, and only, about love. But this card has quite a few surprises in store.

The Lovers represents the zodiac sign of Gemini.

It indicates the coming together AND the growing apart in a relationship.

It also hints at choosing between two, often difficult, options.

The Lovers also bring to your notice the things, people, and decisions you may have being ignoring/putting on the back burner.

This card often comes up when you are at crossroads in life.

The Lovers also indicate a passionate, extramarital relationship.

This Card is all about passion and while it asks you to follow your passion, it also warns you to not be lead by it.

Making a choice that will have long-lasting consequences, is another thing The Lovers Tarot Card suggests.

When The Lovers show up in a Reading where only professional-based questions are being asked, then it is used to answer accordingly. it could mean being confused between two tough/tempting professional decisions. or wondering whether you could be tempted by a new job offer that came your way even though you are perfectly content in your current job.

So now you know why I repeat that Tarot Card Reading is not a ‘gift’, a ‘blessing’ or just something that ‘comes to you’. A thorough knowledge of each Card, knowing how to interpret it based on the question asked, and how the interpretation changes depending on the Cards placed before and after it is what makes part of a Tarot Card Reading.

Hi, I am Mayuri, a Tarot Card Reader by Profession and a Writer by design. Since I am already aware of what the future holds, I enjoy unwrapping the present. Follow me on my Instagram handle @CardTalkWithMayuri to know more about the Tarot and all things related.

This post is part of the #BlogchatterA2Z challenge hosted by Blogchatter, and my theme is Demystifying the Tarot.


  1. Thanks for sharing your knowledge about Tarot with us. At the risk of being repetitive with my comments on your posts, but all this is so fascinating and I am enjoying the Tarot series a lot.

  2. Deepika

    A truly enlightening post. Loved the you demonstrated how the card has to be read and interpreted. So much hard work and effort i am sure goes into every reading
    Deepika Sharma

  3. Boy! That’s a controversial card. It would be challenging for you to read it but I know for sure you’d ace it if the card is drawn at a reading.

  4. So many interpretations to a single card! The reader has a tough time I feel to find the correct interpretation no?

  5. The true art or expertise lies in interpreting the cards. This was interesting information.

  6. This is fascinating, exciting, and intriguing. I never knew about all this and if one single can have so many connotations. I wonder what knowledge you must have had to gather in order to practice it professionally! Kudos to you.

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