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#TarotScope : 15th November to 15th December #CardTalkWithMayuri


Work: Yes, you’ve once again trusted someone, and yes, you may once again have been let down. But you won’t know if that’s the case unless you take a chance. You need to be equal parts brave, realistic and intuitive. Your reward will be priceless — for better or worse.

Love: Messages are likely to be mixed-up at the moment when it comes to the love department. The one thing you can do is make sure you are being crystal clear.

Health/Style: If you find yourself craving comfort food these days, find ways to make sure you’re comforting your body as well as your spirit. Look into an organic diet, for example, or research nail-strengthening nutrients.

Tarot Facts: Aries is known to be one of the most delightful and easy to get along with of all the zodiac signs.


Work: What mere mortals erroneously think of as ‘luck’ has little or nothing to do with coincidence, and everything to do with smelling an opportunity while it’s still in the oven. You have been temporarily equipped with superpowers that will alert you to such a deal. Be alert!

Love: You’re torn between walking away, and forgiving and forgetting. Seeing as there’s a bit of a discrepancy between these options, take the night to sleep on it. No hasty decisions!

Health/Style: Usually you’re sensible and down-to-earth, but you’re in a New Agey kind of mood. If you feel the need for relaxation, it’s a good day to opt for aromatherapy, meditation, or visualization — they’ll work wonders.

Tarot  Facts: Taurus, can easily blend in the crowd, but don’t mistake their unassuming personality for weakness.


Work: Your dreams won’t be realized until you’re willing to do the footwork. If there’s something you want, how can you go about getting it? It’s important to find a starting point, instead of wishing things would just happen on their own. You’re no stranger to hard work — so prove it.

Love: With just a tiny bit of effort, you can forge a relationship that will last well beyond your wildest dreams — and your most comforting fantasies. Why not muster it up?

Health/Style: It’s all or nothing at all for high-energy signs like you, but doing a little at a time is a more realistic way to guarantee long-term success. Start with a ten-minute walk every day instead of an hour-long workout.

Tarot Facts: Sticking to a routine and shying away from new experiences is a sure way to lose a Gemini’s interest.


Work: Absolutely nothing now will be casual, lighthearted, or fleeting — and in the mood you’re currently enjoying, that’s the good news. That, and the fact that you can take everything that’s said to you with the proverbial grain of salt.

Love: You’re not in the mood to forgive or forget — as your current companion has been made aware. No pouting, and no fair getting even at a later date.

Health/Style: It’s a good time to go beneath the surface. Think about giving yourself a facial or a deep-tissue massage to bring out any toxins that might be lingering in your system. You’ll love the feeling of being balanced and clean.

Tarot Facts: Among the entire Zodiac, people born under the sign of Cancer are the most fragile.


Work: Friends and family are likely to seek your sage advice. Do your best to accommodate them, but try not to feel obligated to always be right. Make sure not to get too involved in the problems of others. If you can manage this, you’ve won a few confidences, and favors for later!

Love: You know that warm, wonderful buzz you get when you’re looking at a person you just adore? That’s how you’ll be feeling. Don’t waste this.

Health/Style: Why go out of your way to join an exercise class if there’s no real need? Take comfort in your routines. Daily life helps keep you steady and ground you right now. Exploration can wait for another time.

Tarot Facts: Leos always give back 100% with honesty, loyalty, optimism, and a kind big heart.

TarotScope _15th November _December_CardTalkWithMayuri


Work:  The work area of your life might need more discipline right now. Your strong points are probably order and structure, but something might need your attention. Perhaps you’ve let things slip. If you need to regain control, do so methodically and carefully. Then figure out how to prevent the disorder from happening again.

Love: No, you never expected to actually be attracted to someone like him/her — but it happened. Don’t fight it. It’s exhilarating, and such fun to see your loved ones squirm!

Health/Style: ‘Go for the gusto’ is your motto, you could end up taking it too far. So go through the full process, especially when it comes to workouts: Make sure you’re warming up and cooling down.

Tarot Facts: Virgos absolutely adore making plans. If you want to do something with them, let them know what they can expect beforehand.



Work: Are you spending too much time at work — or not enough? You’ll feel pulled in at least two directions but think this through and you’ll find the happy medium you need.

Love:  You’re not going to be prepared for the depth of the feelings that will wash over you — but neither will the lucky person who inspires them. Lest you worry that’s a bad thing, keep in mind that intensity is absolutely necessary to commitment. And you are ready, aren’t you?

Health/Style: Your look and career are important to you, so think about strategies for getting ahead. Maybe it’s time to start dressing as if you’ve already got that big promotion or get in a lunch gym visit so you can work late.

Tarot Facts: If you can balance your work, family, and new love, then you are a perfect partner for a Libra.


Work: Communication with family and co-workers, no matter how trivial, just might not seem to be working at this time. Even your internal dialogue may falter, leaving you feeling indecisive and confused. A retreat to the tranquility of natural surroundings could help you get your head straight and recharge you for later.

Love:  Delay, postpone, reschedule, or just flat-out cancel. Doesn’t matter which option you choose. Remember, you don’t want to burn those bridges permanently.

Health/Style: Without mental stimulation, other areas of your life feel less alive. So get out there and experience new things and shake up your usual routine. Who knows? You might run across a great boutique on the way.

Tarot Facts:  It may be difficult to approach a Scorpio because they tend to not be outwardly expressive.


Work: It’s time for you to stop dreaming and start doing. Fortunately, if you’re making a plan and it’s the kind you’ll actually follow, that counts. It will count even more if you do something you’ve been just itching to do. What’s the problem?

Love: Sit down, smile sweetly, and tactfully bring up whatever hot topic you two have been dancing around lately. Wouldn’t you like to banish the beast for good?

Health/Style: Taking action helps you get a handle on a problem, but that doesn’t mean marching in and tossing your weight around. Physical action — workouts, yoga, walking — help you sort out your thoughts on the matter.

Tarot Facts: Sagittarius expects loyalty and friends who are willing to talk and learn with them.


Work: Let the frustrations of the past melt away. This is a time for looking at the bigger picture and acknowledging your blessings, not zeroing in on the little pitfalls that you’ve endured along the way. Keep concerns about the future out of mind.

Love:  Are you overwhelmed by pent-up emotions? It might be time to explore why you’ve kept your feelings to yourself for so long. Are you afraid of what might happen if you speak your mind? It’s probably better to talk about things now. If you wait, you might snap at the wrong moment.

Health/Style: There’s nothing you love more than a lazy day. Cancel plans and pretend it’s the weekend: laze around in the tub; paint your nails while you enjoy a long conversation with a friend or quality time with a book.

Tarot Facts: To a Capricorn, situations that would terrify an ordinary mind are merely problems to be managed.


Work: Others may try to take on projects that you’re perfectly qualified to do. How does that make you feel? You’re probably flaring your nostrils as we speak. Let it be known that you shouldn’t be passed over for responsibilities and important projects.

Love: Your loved one’s triumph is a personal best for you too. After all, you were there with them from the beginning — and they’ll acknowledge that they couldn’t have done it without you. Pat yourselves on the back.

Health/Style: You want to get in better shape or you need a drastically different haircut. But even good changes can be tough to integrate into your life, so if an expert offers to guide you on your transformation, take them up on it.

Tarot Facts: An Aquarius will not make friends easily. Aquarius feels that you must earn their love, friendship, or respect.


Work: Feel the need to assert your independence? If the restraints imposed by others are making you uncomfortable, you might be tempted to bust out entirely. Why not gather your thoughts and spend some time alone. You might just need some space.

Love: Zoom call your friends around to spend time with you and your partner. You’ll enjoy the company of like-minded people, and may find yourself engaging in a friendly intellectual debate.

Health/Style: That optimistic nature of yours ignites a creative streak when it comes to your workout. Scrap working out on your own and take online lessons. The change of pace will do you a world of good!

Tarot Facts: Pisces, suffer deeply because of their own inability to be satisfied with the range of human beings.

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