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#TarotScope : 15th October – 15th November #CardTalkWithMayuri


Work: You’ve been lying in wait for some time now, hoping you’ll know when the time was right to oh-so-tactfully approach those in the positions of authority that you so ardently aspire to hold. It’s now. Stop aspiring, and get moving!

Love: Your impatience for thin-skinned people and touchy behavior may turn you off to a potential romance. The arrival into your life of smart, sensible, and sexy acquaintances will likely be a welcome respite from stretches of solitude.

Health/Style: Tend carefully to your health, no matter how busy you are. You’ll need your strength to stay on top of things. Unusual circumstances and even odder coincidences will be stressful, but you can certainly handle it if you stay flexible.

Tarot Facts : Aries is often all about ‘I, me, and myself’. This quality can make them quite selfish in relationships.


Work: Being shrewd may not come naturally to you, but it could be useful now. You don’t have to be unethical to get what you want, but it might require a bit of salesmanship and self-promotion. Don’t be afraid to brag about yourself!

Love: They’re not how you’d imagined, but here they are — ready, willing, and able to love you back. Forget the artist’s sketch in your head. Enjoy what’s in front of you.

Health/Style: You’re feeling set in your ways, even more so than usual. Now’s not the time to force yourself to try something new. Stick to the tried-and-true items in your wardrobe. Wearing all your favorites makes you feel safe.

Tarot Facts:  Despite being quiet, you can’t push a Taurus around. They have a decisive mind and can’t easily be influenced by others.


Work: You might impress everyone with your dedication, and it’s not hard to see why. What you’ve been working towards is probably going to pay off in a big way. Keep chugging along and be prepared to celebrate once it’s finished.

Love: Someone’s got a piece of love advice for you that may seem irrelevant at first. Consider it carefully, though; there’s a grain of truth that’ll help you move along your romantic path. Health/Style: Your impressive stamina will better serve you at the gym or the mall than in an argument. So keep things friendly. Do battle with free weights and a treadmill — or the sale racks at your favorite stores — and not your peeps.

Tarot FactsGemini’s enjoy bringing their objective reasoning and big-picture ability into their personal relationships.


Work: Don’t you love it when the sailing is smooth? You probably need a break from the chaos of life, and here it is! Use this time to get grounded and tie up loose ends. Then kick up your feet and relax. You’ve probably earned a little R and R.

Love: Your smile’s way sexier than any pair of tight pants, and your well-considered thoughts are way sexier than other people’s lame lines. Work your assets to their full advantage now.

Health/Style: A long day interrupts your post-work routine. Why not skip it altogether for a different kind of self-care? The laundry and dishes can wait another day while you put on a deep conditioning treatment and take a bath.

Tarot Facts: You can easily make a Cancer, fall for you and you can easily break their hearts.


Work: Strange happenings at work might have you wondering who you can trust. Is it possible new alliances are forming or the company is reorganizing? You might want to start thinking about how to present your case if someone asks you what you’re contributing.

Love: You haven’t been easy to get along with lately, but that’s all going to change now. Right now. You’ll be charming, pleasant, and eminently chatty. Be honest, too.

Health/Style: Be sure to find some solo time now, either literally (a lengthy soak in an aromatherapy bubble bath, perhaps?) or figuratively (spacing out in your own corner of a crowded nail salon, for example). Enjoy!

Tarot Facts : Leos are not going to stop and pay particular attention to you unless someone else is looking at the same time.


Work: Dreams do come true, but not by themselves. You’re in a position to make a long-cherished fantasy become reality. You can’t just sit there and wait for it to happen, however. Getting busy is your only option.

Love: Getting the facts straight may be easier said than done — especially if your heart is involved. Your recipe for success is this: Before you agree to anything, if you’re doubtful, make sure you have an unbiased, objective friend handy — the kind who isn’t afraid to speak up.

Health/Style: The time is right to rethink a beauty trend you’ve written off. So what’ll you try? Professional Tai Chi, Belly-dancing, or a kickboxing class, perhaps? Open your mind — and your routine — to something new.

Tarot Facts:  Getting along with Virgos has to do with letting them love and serve you the way they want to.


Work: There’s absolutely no way you’ll be willing to settle for anything less than exactly what you want right now, and you’ll happily dismiss anyone who tries to talk you into negotiating. Lest you think you’re invincible, however, be aware that even minor demigods need to compromise every now and then.

Love: If you’re feeling open to new adventures, go with the spontaneity you’re feeling! While you’re probably reserved and careful most of the time, everyone deserves a little fun. Plan a weekend getaway or fun evening out with your partner. Live a little.

Health/Style: Your mood swings from high to low. What can you say? You’re an intense person. Think about checking out a meditation class or making a massage appointment sometime.

Tarot Facts: Librans tend to harmonize with the partner, and add color, drama, and style to the relationship.

#TarotScope _ 15th October to 15th November_CardTalk


Work: This is the energy that’s often in the building when actions are taken that merit medals, awards, and undying gratitude. Keep that in mind when you’re asked to go above and beyond the call of duty. Collect yourself, and dole your energy out wisely … a little at a time.

Love: Did you meet a new romantic interest? Things might seem to be taking longer than you’d like to develop, but try not to rush it. This might be an important time for getting to know each other. You might change your mind about this person once you learn their secrets.

Health/Style: How you treat yourself during times of stress says a lot about your level of self-esteem. Do you eat even if you’re not hungry or opt for retail therapy or do you do things that make you feel good about yourself?

Tarot Facts: Scorpios are reliable and faithful, which makes people with this sign good partners when they are handled with care.


Work: You’ll instinctively understand what it takes to get along with others, no matter what the circumstances. Fortunately, they’ll be more than willing to extend you the same courtesy. Expect a pleasant, easy time with co-workers.

Love: you could be feeling more moody and emotional than usual. Are their things you’re stuffing to avoid a confrontation? Relationships might not be outwardly difficult, but they could be emotionally strained. If you’re giving someone the silent treatment, try to get it out and get it over with.

Health/Style: Patience isn’t just a virtue — it’s a beauty must. Avoid over-tweezing those brows, hit the gym even if you fear that crunches may be useless, and sit still until your nails dry. Your efforts will pay off before you know it.

Tarot Facts: Since Sagittarius are thinkers and adventurers, they are not often sappy or emotional.


Work: You now realize that ultimately, you have only yourself to blame — and thank — for the decisions you’ve made in your life. That’s a terrific revelation, and it means you’re moving steadily toward your next evolutionary step. But nobody said it would be fun. Still, hang tough. It’s worth it.

Love: Stop worrying about being refused. Walk bravely up to the object of your affections and just say it. Regardless of what ‘it’ happens to be, there’s just no refusing you.

Health/Style: Add a social element to your routine. Ask a friend to try that step aerobics class with you; turn your mall errands into a chance to meet up with mom, or let your sweetie pick the movie … if he’ll watch it with a facial mask on.

Tarot Facts: The Capricorn wants a safe and comfortable place when it comes to romance and intimacy.


Work: That expression ‘loose cannon on deck’? It refers to an individual who’s just about ready to burst, due to A) too much energy with nowhere to go; B) too much energy aimed in the wrong direction or C) just too much energy — period. What to do? Dump it, constructively. Time for a run, perhaps?

Love: Nobody said being in love was easy. It’s usually a trade-off. If it’s not a fair one, it’s their turn to give in — and your turn to remind them.

Health/Style: You can accomplish a lot now, so set the bar high. From a haircut in the morning to cycling class in the evening — with a facial and shoe shopping in between — hit the ground running (and add running to the list, too).

Tarot Facts: Aquarius is more comfortable in platonic relationships.


Work: Are you having trouble with the follow-through? You may have started a bunch of things but can’t seem to finish them. This could be particularly frustrating if you’re a hard-working person. Finishing strong is your middle name! Just try to prioritize for now. Eventually, it will all get done.

Love: This is not a time to be lackadaisical about relationships; on the contrary, you may need to put in some extra effort to show how much you care. Whether you’re asking or accepting, it’s time to nod your head and reach out to shake — or tenderly grasp — someone’s hand. Be confident. It’s all good.

Health/Style: Bring a buddy along to visits to the salon or gym, which are much more fun a Deux. And a friend can talk you out of any misguided purchases or point out the sassy dress you would’ve walked right by.

Tarot Facts: As a Pisces, your need for emotional reassurance can lead to flirtations that generate emotional instability.

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