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#TarotScope June 2020 #CardTalkWithMayuri

Tarot and Astrology and both completely different sciences. However, Tarot does have Astrological connections. In a 78 Card Tarot Deck each Astrological Sign is represented by a Tarot Card.

The 12 Zodiac Signs are further segregated and slotted by the elements of nature they represent, and are headed by a Card each from the Minor Arcanas.

This is how  the Tarot  represents Zodiac Signs;

Wands represent The Fire Signs – Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

Pentacles / Coins represent The Earth Signs – Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn

Swords represent The Air Signs – Gemini, Libra, Aquarius

Cups represent The Water Signs – Cancer, Pisces, Scorpio


Here is June 2020 ‘s Tarot Card Reading for the;

Wands – Your Tarot Card for June is The Magician

You will be all charged up and raring to go and the only thing to slow down your pace will be the tendency to keep looking back at your past mistakes. People, it’s time to leave the past behind and embrace the new you! Stay focused and don’t air your self-doubt, even to yourself. Your creativity will peak and you will think of new ideas and solutions. Yes, new solutions to old problems too. If you want to concentrate on your physical health, this is the right time to start.

Colours for June: Blue. White. Silver. Tan.

Earth- Your Tarot Card for June is Cernunnos Time to wake up and step out of the comfort zone you have been lazing in. Responsibility is going to be the key word for you this month. Being responsible for your self and your actions to begin with. Stop looking for instant gratification, look at long-term well being instead. You have so much untapped potential, the potential for Abundance and liberation and to master your life. Time to realise it.

Colours for June: Green. Ivory. Black. Brown

Air – Your Tarot Card for June is The Hanged Man Patience Pays is the lesson you will learn this month. All the seeds you’ve sown in the past, of creativity, inspiration and ideas will start harvesting now. Let go of what expectations were not fulfilled, its time to see new ones gain fruition. Reshuffle your routine, maybe even the placement of furniture in your room / home to shift your energy. It could help.

Colours for June: Blue. Grey. Beige. Red

Water – Your Tarot Card for June is Eight of Pentacles: Slow and steady, one step at a time will be the strategy that will work for you this month. Baby steps lead you closer to your goals than leaps would. You have spent the past months in deep introspection and realised what your strengths and weaknesses are. You’re ready to make your weaknesses work for you now. Learn to be quiet and keep your plans to yourself. Acquiring new skills and brushing up on long neglected ones will be fun.

Colours for June: Yellow, Gold, Orange, Ochre.

You are the light. Shine on!

I used the Druid Craft tarot Deck by Philip and Stephanie Carr-Gomm and Illustrated by Will Worthington

This is a general Tarot Reading.

Please do not copy or reproduce this post without prior permission by me OR ask me for answers to personal queries. If you would like a personalized Tarot Reading, write to me at mayuri.nidigallu@gmail.com for more details.


  1. This was mighty interesting.. I am water and it’s true i feel restless this month more than ever. Will try to pace myself

    1. I have never been a believer of tarot reading or the like but I have had an experience where a friend read my palm and told me I would stop working in a couple of years. I was annoyed with him at that time and punched him but eventually I turned into a homemaker. Never found any tarot card read who told me about the future. Always about the past… Things that were probably obvious or generic.

  2. Wow ..loved it Mayuri..mine is water sign and I honestly think that I ‘m gradually moving towards my goal

    1. Mine is water sign and I see myself moving towards where I always wanted to be. Didn’t understand the part “make your weaknesses work for you”. How?

      1. First identify your weaknesses and then think how to make them your strengths. That’s how.

    2. Zahra

      This is really an eye opener but still there are so many uncertainty unopened. Thanks for sharing this information .

  3. Richa Sharma

    Such an intriguing and captivating article. Your article inculcates curiosity to know more about Taro card reading. Keep writing such interesting articles. Keep the good work up

    1. This is interesting. I am a water sign and it’s true that I am taking baby steps towards my goal. Keeping your readings as guiding light.

    2. Zahra

      This is really an eye opener but still there are so many uncertainty unopened. Thanks for sharing this information .

  4. I had a good start this month seems the hanged man card is apt for me. It was an interesting read, Mayuri.

  5. Kavita Singh

    I am not a firm believer of astrology but reading such articles definitely makes me curious. Keep up the good work.

    1. I’m Virgo, an Earth sign, and it’s good to see that your prediction for me is motivating. Things are looking up and now it’s time to put my entire force behind them. Thanks for this, M!

  6. I am very fascinated by the tarot card reading lately Mayuri. It is so good to know what June has in store for me. I will try to act upon the recommendations

  7. Interesting read, Mayuri. To know what future holds is always alluring. Keep writing such posts. Would also love to know what things we should give more emphasis or avoid in general.

  8. Tarot card reading always fascinate me and I have a deep interest and even a desire to learn it too. loved this new site and this post. mine is earth sign..and I had gotten your message. it is time to wake up and work hard.

  9. This is very new to me Mayuri, trying to understand the things through your post. I am Libran so I should be reading Air signs as guidelines for me. And yes we have shifted few furniture here and there, lets see what this change brings.

  10. Being a part water sign, I could totally resonate with the Eight of Pentacles. I have certainly being interospecting for the last few months and now I have starting following my plan one step at a time. Great reading xx

  11. Dr Bushra

    I’m leo so my Tarot Card for June is The Magician. As per your reading I’ve new solutions and charged up at my work. Thanks for the prediction. Will not look back on my past problems

  12. Amrita

    This was a very interesting Tarot reading.I rather liked the June colours and all that’s in store for me.2020 is very challenging and I can never have enough of good news

  13. I am not a firm believer of astrology but somnehow i like tarot reading . Now i am very curious to know about the future..Keep up the good work.

  14. This is very interesting. I am a saggi and could relate to what you mentioned for the Wand. Am very intrigued to get a detailed tarot reading done now.

  15. You got me at “tendency to keep looking back at your past mistakes”. It’s hard to overcome those. But striving and moving on is what I keep trying.

  16. Judy Morris

    I can surely say prediction for me is absolutely correct even I have assessed myself to be quite lazy and its time I get going. I need to act now and take up the responsibility of my life for sure.

  17. I never believed in astrology or tarot reading until I met a tarot reader and just for fun I got a reading for myself. I was not satisfied with her answers but after a couple of weeks, I started noticing the things she had mentioned. I was astonished & confused too. And, then I visited her again after a couple of months to get another reading to confirm if it could really be possible. It happened again and I started believing in tarot card reading. Now, I am really excited after reading the predictions for this month, looking forward to it.

  18. This is interesting, I am Capricorn (Earth) and what you predicted is actually happening with me. This is so refreshing to read and now that the air has cleared, I am glad to work on things in which I am lagging, thank you for sharing this post

  19. Ruchi Verma

    Mine is water and I really wish that this month brings out excellent results …It’s great that you shared this …it will go to help me a lot planning this entire month.

    1. Ruchie you are an Air sign!:))

  20. This sounds interesting. I don’t know how to read the card or how to follow the reading. I cup I guess if I go by the zodiac sign. Will you be updating that in your next post? Or should I be reading the water part?

  21. Half of the prediction for my sun sign is right but the rest half i doubt as I am not thinking of past or isn’t self doubting on myself. I am bringing out my creative skills for better content.

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