#TarotScope : July 2017




A month when things will go your way, Arians! Stalled projects and situations will move forward, loose ends will be tied up and the sense of stagnation that you were feeling for a while now will be a thing of the past. Professional: At work you’ll be raring to go, spurred on by motivation and fresh ideas. Colleagues will be very helpful. Romance: Those in an established relationship will sense a closer and stronger bond being formed. Singles will be introduced to someone good-looking and interesting.



A month to wait and watch, Taureans! Patience will be the key word as you will need to reflect and ruminate over experiences of the past to help you make decisions for the future. Professional: Listen to everyone but trust your own judgment. Guard against impulsive decisions as the result will only be regret. Romance: For those in an established relationship, partners will be supportive and caring. Singles, a great time to mingle and network, but take your time before you move towards starting a serious relationship.



A month to take things slow and easy, Gemini’s! Though it’s easier said than done, when it comes to you! Try to enjoy this brief phase of leisure and take significant decisions only after much thought and deliberation. Professional: Keep your eyes and ears open and your mouth closed, and play your cards close to your chest. Romance: Listen to what your partner has to say and try to fulfill their dreams and desires for your relationship. Singles think about what you really wish for, and also not want, in your future life partner.



A great month for you, Cancerian’s! Inspiration, clarity of thought and solutions are the gifts this month will bring, along with celebratory times spent with loved ones. Good news on the family front will bring much joy. Professional: Pending problems will be solved and goals will be achieved as you work in tandem with colleagues. Inputs from seniors will be helpful. Romance: An unexpected proposal and the chance of a sudden marriage, if single. Those in a long courtship could decide to get married. Joyous times for those in established relationships.



A month of reaping the fruits of labor, Leo’s! A time of comfort as hard work put in by you in the past will now be rewarded. Basic material goals will also be achieved. Professional: Your work and efforts will be acknowledged and rewarded, spurring your confidence to set your bar higher, to help you achieve even more. Romance: In all the excitement around you see that you don’t neglect your partner, as doing so could cause some friction. Singles could receive some appealing marriage proposals.



A month of introspection and reinvention, Virgo’s! Time to sit back and re-evaluate what is working for you and what isn’t, and then discard all that doesn’t work and better the ideas, situations and thoughts that do. Guard against neglecting you health. Professional: Listen to and take the advice of a senior or colleague whom you trust. Make your moves towards important decisions after much thought. Romance: Singles need to erase memories of any past love before they move towards a new relationship. Those in an established relationship need to let their partner know how much they love them.



A month of assorted happenings on all fronts coming up for you, Librans! Happenings on the work front and home front will keep you busy. As will travel both sudden and planned. Professional: Actual work could be slightly slow, but satisfying. Use the unhurried pace to think up new ideas and plans for future projects. Romance: If single you might consider sending across feelers to someone you have secretly liked for a while now. Those in a long term relationship might plan their wedding.



A month of new beginnings for you, Scorpions! Irrespective of the happenings of the past, this month will bring with it self-reliance, personal empowerment, creation and new energy on all fronts. Professional: You will blossom at work and draw and hold everyone’s attention with fresh ideas, positive energy and infallible confidence. Romance: If in a fledgling relationship, nurture it with respect, love and care. A wonderful new relationship for those who are single. Married couples might think about planning a family, while those already planning a family might hear good news on that front.



A month of hearty abundance for you, Sagittarians! Problems will be solved and obstacles will be overcome. A new home or place of residence, redecoration and chances of pregnancy are at an all time high. Professional: Recognition at work and status through accomplishment will gladden your heart. Creative ability will bring material gain. Romance: If single, pleasing marriage proposals will come your way. For those in a steady relationship, this is a perfect time to consider planning your wedding.



A month of material and spiritual prosperity, Capricorns! Your spiritual awareness will be heightened, as will your intuition – so make the most of them. Pleasant times will be spent with friends and siblings. You may meet someone you lost touch with years ago. Professional: Beware of over enthusiasm, and consider all factors before making any important decision. Romance: If single you might oscillate between cherishing your freedom and wishing to have your soul mate by your side. Good times ahead for those in a long-distance relationship.



A month of surprises for you, Aquarians! Just when you think you have it all figured out, you’ll be in for a complete surprise. Worry not, as you will enjoy most of the changes immediately, and others once you get used to them. Professional: Think, plan and strategize, mentally, but air your thoughts and/or take your final decisions only after much thought and when completely sure. Romance: Guard against rushing into a commitment under pressure if you don’t feel confident about your decision.



A month of quiet reflection, Pisces! You’ll wish to know yourself better and introspection, contemplation and self-acceptance will help you do exactly that. Just guard against becoming too detached from the world around you. Professional: You will be perceptive, strong willed and intelligent at work, making good decisions that will yield wonderful results. Keep yourself in check against becoming too opinionated. Romance: A nice, new relationship on the cards, if single. Those in a committed relationship will consider making some, much-required positive changes in their relationship.

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  1. Surprises I absolutely love .Can’t wait to unpack July .This is the perfect day !

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