Demystifying Tarot

Curious to know how Tarot works? Read on to find out.

Some basic terms you should know before you read further;

* Reading – A Tarot Reading is an arrangement of cards drawn from a shuffled deck.
* Spread – The layout of the Tarot Cards drawn is known as a spread.
* Deck – A basic Tarot Deck consist of 78 cards.
22 of the cards are referred to as Major Arcana and the other 56 cards are the Minor Arcana, which are further divided into 4 suites of 14 cards each. The Suites are referred to as Swords, Cups, Wands and Pentacles.

* Upright / Reverse: The meaning of each card changes, depending on whether it is drawn ‘reversed’ (upside down) or ‘upright’ (face up)


**When and where did Tarot originate from?
* Italy is where the original deck of Tarot Cards is known to have been discovered from in the 14th Century. The first Deck was called the ‘Sforza’ deck and did not have all of the 78 Tarot Cards that the decks available now do.

**Is Tarot an Occult Science?
* Due to the strength of the Church, which was against practicing Tarot, Tarot Reading was practiced behind closed doors  and after dark. No  one spoke openly of it. This is reason Tarot Reading was, and often still is, thought of as an ‘Occult Science’. Incidentally, the word  ‘Occult’ simply means hidden/concealed.

**How does one interpret Tarot Predictions?
* A good Tarot Card Reader can tell you about your past give you an insight into your present and predict your future. The Cards picked up by the Client/Reader, and their sequence, which forms a spread, predicts the answer to the question asked. Tarot Readings are meant to let the person know what to expect and give them time to prepare. And if the need arises, rectify certain situations and choices.

**How is a Tarot Reading done?
* Each Tarot Reader has his/her own individual style, which they have perfected and are comfortable with.
This is how I read my cards;
* The client is handed over the Deck of Cards. I ask them to shuffle the cards slowly and ask the question they have in mind as they shuffle. After they are done they need to tell me the question asked and hand me back the deck. I use the topmost cards to form a ‘spread’ through which I answer their question.

**How does an Online Tarot Reading work? 
* It works exactly the same way as a personal Tarot Reading, the only difference being the Reader picks the cards, because the Client cannot do so.

**Tarot v/s Astrology.
* Tarot differs from Astrology. Unlike Astrology, Tarot does not require the date/place/time of birth of the person asking the question, unless a Reader chooses to combine a Tarot Reading with astrology or another practice.

**How does Tarot work?

* Different Readers have different ways/styles of interpreting Tarot. For me, Tarot works on a simple question – answer basis.

**Is it the subconscious mind of the reader that is pulling out the relevant cards or the space that the tarot reader puts him in that creates this?

* A Tarot Reader, or anyone for that matter, CANNOT control your mind AT ALL. Nor can Readers ‘put you in a space’. The subconscious mind of THE PERSON ASKING THE QUESTION i.e. the client and the vibes of the client attract the cards.

**Is it that the Tarot Reader puts you in a certain mental space that you pick cards that are meaningful?
* If a Tarot Reader would be so powerful, so as to control your mind enough to do that, would they rather be Tarot Reading or ruling the world?  I know I would be doing the latter.

A professional Tarot Reader will make you feel comfortable and answer your questions with full honesty and truthfulness, as the cards reveal them. There is no sleight of hand, no magic, no superficial power involved.
Just like other subjects, Tarot too is a subject which is taught by experienced professionals. Each card has multiple interpretations. After the meaning of each card is taught, interpreting ‘spreads’ is the next step. There are many types of spreads, and more coming up each day, and each Tarot Card Reader uses what he/she is most comfortable with.

‘Tarot Reading’ is a science that has to be learnt, and then practiced (a lot!) before you can turn professional.

And yes, Tarot works!

I really must add;
After they’ve met me at my office most people confess that they expected a Tarot Reader to be wearing flowing robes, scarves, have kohl-lined eyes and wearing bracelets making music with every gesture, sitting in a dimly-lit, smoky cave-like place with at least a crystal ball in front of me and a some ominous curios surrounding me.
However most are pleasantly surprised (and relieved too, I guess) to walk into my well-lit, sunny and comfortable office, with blinds on the windows, and find me clad in semi-formal wear.
Also, in answer to often asked, and more often imagined, queries of whether Tarot is a ‘gift’, do I have ‘special powers’, and if I can ‘put a spell/curse on anyone’…my answer to all 3 is ‘No!’

The Tarot Reading I practice is just like any other profession. Just as you would go to a qualified doctor if you were feeling unwell or to a qualified architect if you were looking to build your house, in the same way you would go to a Tarot Card Reader if you were looking for answers from a neutral source.



  1. I am very amazed to know that how the tarot card reading is done. This is one of the best way to understand and also it is not easy, you have a very great knowledge. Subscribed your blog.

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